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Personal Loan Companies

Tips to find out the best personal loan companies and the best deal

Life is changeable and thus its requirements. There is hardly any person who never felt any financial sufferings in his/her life. Almost every individual owes debt or takes out a loan while making a purchase or simply cope with sudden financial crisis. For big purchases like home or car, people generally opt for a home loan or an auto loan, but when it comes to small and immediate financial requirements, a payday loan or a personal loan would be the best and the most feasible solution. There are a number of personal loan companies that are ready to help people by lending personal loans to mange abrupt cash crisis.

How to recognize a legit loan company

The business of lending personal loans is a lucrative one. Since such loans are levied with high interest rate, the lenders can make huge profits. To take advantage of this high-risk, but profitable lending practice, many small to big personal loan companies have been cropped up. Some of them run the business with sheer professionalism, while others are interested in making money only. The latter ones can be considered as rapacious lenders whom you must avoid taking out a loan from. Borrowing money from such lenders may cost you paying a fortune in interests. Therefore, before you borrow money, make sure you’re going to deal with a legitimate private loan company. Here are some tips which would help you recognize a legit personal loan company.

  1. Check the physical address – First of all, you need to check the official address of the company. If there is a physical address, then it’s fine. But if there is a P.O. Box Number in place of a street address, you must be cautious. Even if it has an address but you can’t find it online or on Google Map, then also you can’t be rest assured about its legitimacy.

  2. Call them – The official website of every personal loan companies has a phone number on it. Dial the numbers of the personal loan companies you have shortlisted. If you’re directed to an automatic voice system every time you call the number and can’t reach a customer care executive, be alert. A legitimate personal loan company will definitely boast a team of customer representatives to reply to the customers’ queries.

  3. Check its BBB accreditation – You must check whether or not the company is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB accreditation ensures that the company adheres to better business practices. Don’t deal with a company which is not accredited by BBB.

  4. Conduct a search – You may take advantage of Consumer Affairs and Ripoff Report. Visit the sites and conduct search on your chosen personal loan companies. Such websites maintain database of the complaints against different companies which have marked as scams. Simply log on to the site and enter the name of the personal loan company and get the result from which you may get a clear idea about the company’s legitimacy.

  5. Avoid paying any upfront fee – Stay away from the companies that ask you for paying an upfront fee for getting a loan. You must avoid such companies, especially if they charge exorbitantly high upfront fees. But legitimate personal loan companies never ask for any upfront fee for loan approval.

  6. Check the interest rates – Be aware of the company that doesn’t list the interest rates on its official website. Moreover, if the company charges high application fee, then also you must avoid dealing with such a company.

  7. Consult an attorney – If you have enough time in hand, assign an attorney to read over the agreement. He or she is the best person to find out if there is any discrepancy in the agreement. They can also help you understand whether or not the company is legitimate.

These are some of many ways through which you can check the legitimacy of personal loan companies.

Steps to find the best deal

Now it comes to getting the best deal, in terms of loan terms, repayment period and interest rates. Here are the steps for obtaining the best deal from a genuine personal loan company.

  • Check the options – You must evaluate the available options to select the best company. Shopping around and comparing quotes are must if you’re looking for an inexpensive, but genuine deal.

  • Read the fine prints – Some personal loan companies levy flat rate of interests on the loan amount, while others levy adjusted interest rate which is subject to market risk and changes. But the latter group often doesn’t disclose and explain the loan terms clearly to the borrowers. So make sure you check the loan agreement carefully; read the fine print well before you sign off on it.

  • Compare interest rates – Now the most important thing comes into play. Before you make any final decision, ensure that you’re going to make the best deal. And this is possible by comparing interest rates. Contact at least 4 to 5 companies and ask what interest rates they charge. You must also ask them for the loan terms and conditions as well as penalties, if any. After you get in-depth information, compare it well so that you can deal with one of the best personal loan companies.

Discussed are just a few steps that may help you choose one of the most legitimate personal loan companies. However, irrespective of the loan amount, you must pay back the loan in time to avoid paying several hundred dollars in interests.

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