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1500 Dollar Personal Loan

Things you should do to get a 1500 dollar personal loan

Life is volatile; you never know when it meets an emergency. Unfortunately, life’s emergency mostly bring along financial crisis. To cope with every financial requirement of life with regular monthly income is not possible for most people and so to fulfill such requirements people often need to take out loans. However, getting traditional bank loans is a complicated and time-consuming process that most borrowers, especially those with poor credit profile, fail to meet and so they look for other resources like private lenders. Such lenders offer easy loans in the form of 1500 dollar personal loan or payday loan to the borrowers without considering their credit profile.

1500 dollar personal loan – Loan period

Whether or not your credit status is healthy, you may get $1500 cash anytime from a private lender. Generally, lenders prefer to disburse a 1500 dollar personal loan for no longer than one month. However, sometimes they allow the borrowers to extend the loan repayment period for another 1 to 2 months depending on the loan terms and against monthly installments. Since such loans are unsecured loans that are provided without any security or collateral, lenders prefer not to go for lengthy loan repayment period.

1500 dollar personal loan – Things to furnish

Generally, to get a 1500 dollar personal loan, you don’t need to assign any asset as collateral. The lenders of such loans also hardly consider a borrower’s credit profile. All they need is the paystubs of last 2 to 3 months as income-proof to ensure the borrower has a steady source of income. The paystubs also ensure that the borrower has an employment. In case of self employed person, the lenders want the borrower to furnish his or her income-tax return as income-proof. However, if you’re unemployed, then also you may qualify for such a loan, if you can convince the lender to provide you a loan at his own discretion. If you can furnish proof of social benefits or rental income, then it would be an added advantage. Once you can furnish required documents, you can expect to get your loan application sanctioned within no longer than 24 hours and get the money deposited into your bank savings account directly.

Steps to getting a 1500 dollar personal loan

Who doesn’t borrow money? You can hardly find any person who never borrowed money. At times, most people borrow money for some reason or other. The reasons may include mortgage payments, car repairing, paying unpaid bills, medical emergency etc. Applying for a personal loan worth $1500 is not so difficult job, because nowadays there are hundreds of private lenders who lend such personal loans to any person, irrespective of credit profile. Here are some important steps towards getting a 1500 dollar personal loan.

  • Try for a bank loan – Since banks offer loans with minimum interest rates, you may start your quest for a loan with your regular bank. If you have good banking profile, your bank may sanction you a personal loan. The chance is even more if you have healthy credit profile, as most banks consider the borrower’s credit profile for approving a loan. Good credit profile may even accelerate the process of loan approval. Talk to the officials from the loan department about how you can qualify for a 1500 dollar personal loan.

  • Opt for credit card loan – This is another good option of getting a 1500 dollar personal loan instantly. Most credit card providers offer cash advance to their loyal customers. However, such lenders often charge very high interest rate. The annual percentage rate (APR) for credit card loans may go up to 491%. So, unless you’re in a real emergency, you must not go for such type of loan. And even if you borrow, then also make sure you pay back the loan in time to avoid paying hundreds of dollars in interest.

  • Take an advance on paycheck – You may ask your employer to issue you an advance of $1500 on your paycheck. The accounts department may help you obtaining an advance and setting up a suitable repayment option. Taking out a loan on paycheck is a good option as it allows the borrower to pay back the loan inch by inch from his future paychecks. Some employers even allow the employees to repay the loan according their own schedule.

  • Opt for payday loan – When it comes to an instant 1500 dollar personal loan, you may opt for a payday loan. Usually payday loans range between 100 dollar and 1500 dollar, so you have a great chance of getting a payday loan. The best thing about a payday loan is that it doesn’t need any credit check to approve the loan. The borrowers also don’t need to put up any collateral as security for the money. Moreover, it is a fast loan which generally gets approval within 24 hours. However, since such loans are levied with high interest rates, you must be careful about borrowing a payday loan. But if you can handle paying high interest rates, then payday loans can be lifesavers.

Healthy credit profile always ensures favorable loan terms and better interest rates on the loan amount. Therefore, be it a 1500 dollar personal loan or any other type of loan; make sure you try to improve your credit before you opt for any loan. There are many effective ways through which you can make your credit score better.

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