Nowadays, it's hard to imagine life without Credit Cards. Credit Cards accompany us everywhere, and – according to the statistics – they are one of the most popular means of payment in United States. What distinguishes a Credit Card from a debit card is that it allows you to spend the bank's money instead of your own resources. In other words, you can do shopping even if there is not a single penny in your account. However, this could also be the Credit Card's most deceitful advantage, as it may encourage you to go overboard with your spending.

Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®

  • ZERO - 0% FIXED APR on purchases - No Intro Rates!
  • ZERO - 0% Rate Won't Change - Even If You're Late!
  • ZERO Application Fees
  • ZERO Worries - FREE Personal ID Theft Protection
APR Annual Fee Credit
0% on purchases See Terms Poor, Bad, No Credit,
Apply Now

Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card

  • Credit Limits available to $750
  • Sole Proprietors and Entrepreneurs Welcome - No Business Too Small!
  • Perfect for Your Everyday Business Needs
  • Your Business Name on YOUR Business Card
APR Annual Fee Credit
23.99% See Terms Fair, Poor,
Apply Now

This is a good solution if, for example, due to higher expenses in a given month, you need some extra cash for a short period of time. A Credit Card can also be a convenient use of credit every time you need extra money – quickly and without submitting any loan applications.

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