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Low interest credit cards are a great alternative for all credit card users who carry a monthly balance. They have low interest rates on purchases and balance transfers and offer a low fixed APR rate or a low introductory APR.

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Low Interest Credit Cards

People often find themselves in the unpleasant situation of paying more interest each month than principle toward their credit card balance. Finding a low interest credit card will allow you to significantly increase the amount of money that is put toward your principle debt each month when you make your payment, which means you will be able to pay off your credit card balance more quickly. Low interest credit cards are very popular with everyone simply because they allow the card holder to save a significant amount of money on a daily basis and in the long run.

Many credit card companies offer introductory rates of a 0% interest rate. This can be a great deal especially if you are able to do a balance transfer from a high interest credit card to the 0% interest credit card. If you make your payments on time and pay more than the minimum balance, you can ensure that your interest rate remains low.

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