Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Are you looking for a credit card, but are worried about your bad credit situation? Our selection of credit cards designed for people with bad credit can help you make the right choice. Use the box below to compare both secured and unsecured credit cards and choose the one that best fits your needs. Credit Range: below 599

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Credit Cards for Bad Credit

There are a number of reasons why people lose control of their finances, such as a foreclosure on a home or a business going bankrupt. Financial issues can make it hard for people to pay their bills on time. Companies you do business with, such as cell phone and cable companies, report each month to the credit bureau on your payments. If you are often late, your credit score will probably decrease. Should you apply for a loan after several months of late payments, your will be turned down because of your poor credit.

Applying for a bad credit credit card may be a good idea – these carry a much lower spending limit and are often secured with a collateral tied to your savings account, but if your credit situation is far from perfect, considering a bad credit credit card may be an option. Not a single merchant you choose to do business with will notice your card was issued for someone with bad credit as it looks exactly the same as other cards do.

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