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Guaranteed Personal Loans

Fundamentals of Online personal loans and how to get them

Online persona loan is a type of loan which is especially designed considering the financial requirements of the people who don’t have any financial support. Online personal loans are really useful to the borrowers who don’t get loans from conventional lenders due to poor credit. Such loans are sometimes known as payday loans. These loans come handy when you need money for paying outstanding bills, repairing your car or improving your home as getting loan for such things are not an easy task, especially if you try with the banks or credit unions. However, since this type of loan is charged with high interest rate, you must not borrow it unless there is urgency.

Online personal loans – Significance

Online personal loans are often considered as the last resort by people who have been declined by the lenders due to bad credit score. Getting a personal loan from traditional money lenders like credit unions and banks is a very lengthy process. Consequently people with good credit status also sometimes borrow such a loan if they are in dire and immediate need of hard cash to cope with sudden and unexpected financial needs.

Online personal loans – Types

Different types of Online personal loans are available in the market. Personal payday loan is one of them which is largely accepted and used by the North American people. This type of personal loan is small amount of loan offered for short period of time. Borrowers need to pay such loans back usually on next pay-day. Basically these types of personal loans are secured against the borrower’s imminent paycheck amount. Every state has their own set of rules to govern this type of lending activities.

Online personal loans – Size

Nowadays, millions of people use Online personal loans to have sufficient money in hand throughout the month. In present economic scenario, having sufficient fund in hand to meet any financial requirement cropped up across the month is hardly possible. So, people often need to borrow money in the form of personal loans or payday loans to handle the financial obligations. As of 2004, there were over 10 million Americans who opted for such a loan and got it. The number of people opting for such loans is increasing by every passing year. In fact, the number has been increasing rapidly since the recession broke out in the country.

Online personal loans – Drawbacks

The main drawback of Online personal loans is that such loans are mostly levied with high interest rates. There was a time when the market was full of predatory lenders who charged even above 491% as annual percentage rate (APR). To control such rapacious lending practices, the respective state governments have implemented some guidelines regarding how much the lender may charge as APR. But even then, many lenders continue to charge high interest rates illegitimately. To avoid dealing with such lenders, borrowers may take advantage of loan search sites where only legitimate lenders are enlisted.

How to obtain Online personal loans

Applying and getting approved for Online personal loans are much easier if compared to traditional loans. Here are the steps that would help you get a online personal loan easily and quickly.

  • Know the reason – First of all, you must identify the reason for seeking the loan. If you’re facing any unavoidable financial emergency like paying medical bill, college admission, car repairing or any such thing, then only you may opt for such a loan. However, you must not borrow online personal loans for financial requirements such as holidaying or home furnishing.

  • Ask for referrals – You may ask the bank personnel of your regular bank for referral to a legitimate lender of online personal loans. However, it would be still better that you get multiple opinions and triangulate them. By triangulating your options, you may be able to find the good lender that offers the good loan terms and best interest rates.

  • Don’t expect bigger amount – As the first time borrower of a online personal loan, don’t expect any big amount. Since online personal loans are mostly offered with little or no credit ok and without collateral, lenders don’t want to take any risky chance with their money. So they often protect their money by capping the loan amount that you’re qualified to get fairly strictly. However, if you need such a loan in future, then as a repeat borrower, you may get bigger amount than what you’re about to get as a first time borrower. But, if you have good credit rating or if you use any collateral, then lenders may not consider you as a high-risk borrower and thus lend you what you’re eligible for.

  • Compare loan terms – Finally it comes to comparing the loan terms. There are a huge number of lenders who provide online personal loans; the loan terms of these loans differ from lender to lender. So you must shop around and compare loan terms including interest rates offered by different loan companies and thus choose the best one that suits your need and eligibility.

  • Apply for the loan – Now apply for the loan with your preferred lender. Read the offered documents including loan agreement made between you and the lender and check the loan repayment options very carefully, before you sign off on the loan agreement. Ask them to deposit the money into your bank savings account.

Online personal loans come very helpful while people are in dire in of quick cash. However, such loans should be taken out carefully as interest rates levied on these loans are often much higher than traditional loans.

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