Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is plans designed for those still in school. The health coverage is often offered through colleges and universities. Although it is not mandatory for a student to have health coverage through the school they attend, it might be a better and more economical option than a traditional health plan through the parents or guardians health insurance.

It is vital a student have health care coverage. Usually by the time a child reaches college age, they may not qualify for their parent’s health plan or their inclusion may be at an astronomical cost. A better option might be for the student to have their own health care coverage that is offered through the college or university they attend. There may also be a student health insurance plan available through the parent or guardian’s health care plan that may or may not be economical. It would be wise to check out all options and decide which will be the better and most effective and cost effective plan for the student.

Student health insurance may be less costly buying through the college or university they attend as there are probably deep discounts available to schools by the sheer volume of students who will typically sigh up for such insurance. If the care is provided right on campus, except for life and death situations, plans do not have to be as comprehensive as a traditional plan. Since the students are enrolled in the health plan for a short duration, they are only using the available health care for a limited time, there by not stressing the healthcare fund financially. College students are typically younger and healthier and are less of a health care risk.

Student health insurance plans are also available through private health insurance under writers and not associated with any college or university. They are typically competitively priced and are available to students as long as they are enrolled in a school within the criteria set forth by the insurance company.

The student health insurance plan will typically have coverage options to choose from as well as deductible options. The plan will cover illness and pregnancy, prescription medication coverage and a preventative care plan. There may be coverage for substance abuse and care for mental or nervous disorder.

If your college student is insured with a student health insurance plan and they plan to spend time studying at another school or in a foreign country as part of an exchange program, check to make sure the coverage is still valid while they are located elsewhere. It may be a matter of purchasing an accompanying rider to keep the health insurance plan in tact while the student is studying elsewhere.

Not all student health insurance plans will cover part time students. Check that option carefully if the student plans on switching from full time to part time student or starts out as a part time student. There are student health insurance plans available for the part time student.

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