Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance is ideal for the person that is between jobs, waiting for their new health care plan to take effect or is on Cobra. Short term health insurance is perfect for the person who is waiting for Medicare to take effect or recent graduates who are no longer covered on their student plan and waiting to purchase health insurance through an employer.

Short term health insurance is a workable solution for those who have a small gap of time between health insurance coverage. Short term health insurance coverage offers health coverage for a maximum of 6 months, although some short term health insurance may offer coverage up to a year and allow a renewal period up to an additional year and sometimes two. If health care is needed for a duration of time beyond the 6 months to a year, the customer should look into a standard health care policy.

Customers will find the application process shorter and easier for short term health insurance as the plans are meant to protect against illness or accidents rather than providing comprehensive coverage such as preventative care. Short term health plans do not cover eye exams and any related vision problems that may arise. Short term health plans do not include dental coverage.

Buying a short term health insurance plan will not allow that person to be eligible for any individual health plan commonly referred to as HIPAA plans. A HIPPA plan is very expensive and intended for those with a pre existing condition, and those who have trouble getting health insurance.

Short term health insurance plans do not cover pre existing conditions. It makes no sense for someone with a pre existing condition to buy a short term plan by falsifying the questionnaire when applying for the insurance. The definition of a pre existing condition is a condition that has been diagnosed or treated in the previous 3 to 5 years. If you have a pre existing condition, you may be eligible to extend your health insurance through COBRA, which is a government regulated option for health insurance.

There is no waiting period when applying for short term health insurance. Coverage can begin within 24 hours once the questionnaire and payment is submitted. Payment for the insurance can be a lump sum payment for the entire term of the policy or it can paid monthly or multiple payments. Short term health insurance is fairly inexpensive and affordable by almost anyone who needs to bridge the health insurance gap. There might be a significant discount for those who make one upfront payment for the entire duration of their short term health insurance.

Searching for short term health insurance is easy and can be executed online. It is also possible to compare plans and rates as well as any options that may be included in the plan. Single and family plans are available as well as options for medication and copay coverage. Most short term health plans allow you to remain seeing your current doctor.

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