Health Insurance for Students

Students, especially college students are at a betwixt time when it comes to health insurance. Some are too old to be kept on their parent’s health care plans, but most do not have the financial ability to purchase their own health insurance.

Health insurance for students is important to have as they are at the age where every day is an adventure and every banister wants to be ridden. Usually a parent can claim a child on their health plan until they are 18 years old unless the kid attends college then the age limit is extended. Sometimes that extension is to age 20, some to age 22 or maybe even 24. Beyond that, it is up the individual to find their own means of health insurance.

Health insurance for students can be added on to a parent’s current health care package or can be purchased as a standalone health care package for the student through the parent’s present health care provider. Some health insurance providers offer health insurance for students and can be purchased as a standalone healthcare package for the student regardless of whether it is purchased in conjunction with a parents health care or not. Most colleges and universities offer health insurance for students as part of a group health care package for any student that wishes to take advantage of the offer.

When choosing health insurance for students, keep in mind most college students today are very active in events and functions that may include something of a high risk nature. Teenagers and college students are risk takers and the chance of injury is higher than non college age students at home. Make sure whatever health insurance for students plan is chosen it covers a trip or to the local emergency room.

If your college age student will be participating in a student exchange program and will find their studies take them to a foreign country for a semester or more, be sure your student is covered under the chosen health plan for the duration of their time away from their regular college. To keep the coverage, it may require adding a travel rider to their health plan for the time they are studying elsewhere. It may also mean talking on a whole new policy that covers student exchange programs. Whatever health insurance for students plan covers the student in a foreign country, it is critical the plan include evacuation home or to the nearest major medical facility in case of injury or illness, as well as a comprehensive package of medical care.

Another element to consider with health insurance for students is if the insurance is in effect just for the time the student is in class or does it cover the student all year round, as well as the status of the insurance if the student takes a semester off from school. When the student graduates does that end the health care plan or can the student carry it through to graduate school or until they find employment and obtain health care through an employer.

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