Cheap Health Insurance

Cheap health insurance can mean cheap in the sense the coverage is economically priced, but still maintains a certain level of quality. Cheap health insurance can also mean cheap in the sense the quality of the coverage is less than suitable for most people and the administration of the policy is weak and perhaps even nonexistent.

Buying cheap health insurance for the sake of having some sort of coverage is risky at best. If the policy does not provide the necessary coverage, it is money wasted. If buying cheap health insurance is for mandate purposes and it is not used because the person is healthy and does not see a doctor or require medical care on a regular basis, you will be able to get by with it until a medical emergency occurs and health insurance is needed.

The insured will not see the cheapness in the cheap health insurance until coverage is needed. When simple things like an emergency room visit is not covered at all or at a small percentage or the claim process is lengthy and confusing, that’s when the cheapness will be felt. When it is impossible to get customer service on the phone in a timely manner or even get help with simple questions such as “where can I get a claim form” , that is when the cheapness will be felt.

Health insurance can be made cheap by shopping around and comparing prices and all without compromising the quality of care. If you are healthy and do not have the need to see a doctor except for occasional routine care, you may opt for a low premium plan that comes with higher than normal co pays and a higher than normal deductible. A plan such as that will save you money in the long run and keep you covered with quality care in the event of an illness or injury that does require medical attention and possibly hospitalization.

Cheap health insurance can be created by only taking the coverage you need. If you are retired, an insurance plan that includes obstetrics probably is not the plan for you. On the other side of the coin, a young person buying a policy that is heavy into coverage for retired persons, such as hip replacement and cataract surgery, isn’t necessarily the right plan for them. It is important to know what your present day health needs are and purchase a policy that will cover those needs. As you get older and health needs change, you can always fine tune your health plan or opt for a different health plan altogether.

When buying cheap health insurance, always know you are getting in return for your dollar, or better yet, what you are not getting in return for your dollar. Cheap health insurance may look good from a premium standpoint, but if it does not deliver the service you need without breaking the bank, the coverage is worthless and what you pay in premiums is wasted money.

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