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Why Use Credit Card for All Purchases

Posted July 2, 2013 by Lucy Collins to Credit / Credit Cards 0 0
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The invention of plastic money has been a boon for the people in general and for the economy in particular. The purchasing patterns and styles have changed drastically with the advent of the credit cards. The biggest advantage is that one doesn’t have to carry loads of cash for making big or small purchases, which as such is also fraught with risks in today’s time. Also there is no need to make frequent trips to the bank or ATM to withdraw cash for everything.

Makes Life Easier
In today’s world it is possible to pay for almost everything with the credit card, starting from a small grocery purchase to an international trip. One can even schedule the payment of all utility bills to the credit card also, so that there is no need to remember the due dates of all such payments thereby taking a lot of burden off the mind. Also this scheduling helps in saving a lot of time and energy of the person, which can be utilized for other activities. The card can also be used for making all sorts of on-line purchases, where lots of benefits are available to the consumers. Such purchases normally can’t be done using cash and hence it becomes an additional benefit for the people using credit cards.

Faster and Easier Transactions
Making purchases through a card are actually much faster and easier because all the transaction is completed with just a swipe of the card and there is no hassle of counting of actual currency by the buyer and seller and no need of looking for change particularly while making small purchases.

Get Additional Benefits
Using a credit card for all purchases and utility bills payments is not only convenient but also very beneficial because a card from a reputed company is accepted at almost all the outlets across the world. Therefore in cases where the people are frequent travelers, they need not carry cash for all their expenses and don’t have to really worry about currency conversions before each international trip. To add to all this, each credit card provides handsome reward points for each and every purchase made, howsoever small, using the credit card. These points get accumulated over a period of time and one even doesn’t realize that a lot of such points have got into the credit of the person and they can be redeemed for a lot of useful things like a free purchase or a free beautiful dinner with spouse or even a free air ticket to a destination within a certain distance.

Be Disciplined in Repaying
The best way of getting the reward points redeemed is to get the cash reward which could be adjusted against the payments of the credit or could be used for buying something of choice. One should never opt for something which is not immediately needed or useful, just to redeem the reward points. But the tag line to keep oneself debt free and out of mess is that one should spend only that much through the credit card, which one can certainly pay each month. 
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