Submitting an Article to our Community Share Group — How It Works

This section of our Blog allows you to publish your own content in our Community Share Group. Before you submit your post, please have a look at the guidelines listed below.

How This Works

Before you write:

It may be useful to check which of the topics are particularly hot at the moment. The more research you do before submitting your post, the more likely you are going to get published. Think of potential questions and try to answer them in the post itself.

Before you submit:

Once you have written your post, make sure it is correct in terms of language, register, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and sentence structure.

Remember to use only your own content to which you have exclusive rights. Submitting unattributed content to which you do not have exclusive rights will be penalized.

Have a look at the list below to see if you have what we are looking for:

  • Are you covering a new subject, or approaching an already existing problem from a unique, innovative angle?
  • Is the topic of interest to the community?
  • Do you wish to share your knowledge and experience? Is the community going to benefit from reading your post?
  • Has the content been published anywhere else? Is it a copy of something you have read elsewhere?
  • Is your content informational? Does it include tips, problem solutions, strategies, case studies, opinions, or commentary on topics within your area of expertise?

A Few Notes About Submitting a Post

After you submit, our team will review your text to make sure it meets our requirements. We reserve the right to refuse to publish papers we feel are not up to our standards. We also reserve the right to edit all posts submitted by our users.

If your post is successfully published, members of EF community will rate it using a thumbs up/down and comment system. If the post you have submitted to the Community receives a lot of attention, it may be promoted to our main Blog, where it can get even more exposure. Once your content is published and rated, please participate in the discussion with fellow EF community members – the more you participate, the more attention you will receive. Encourage discussion and take your time to answer questions you have been asked.

Make sure you publish good quality, informational materials other users can benefit from. Affiliate links are not allowed anywhere on our Blog.

If you wish to include an image in your post, make sure it is no bigger than 600 pixels.

Please be patient - we receive a large number of submissions every day, so it may take some time for us to review your post.

Should you wish to make changes, withdraw your submission or have any questions or comments, please let us know at

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