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How To Have a Budget Stag Party

Posted August 28, 2012 by Chillisauce to Travel 4 0
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For many guys, a stag party is an extremely important (and not to mention fun) part of getting married and the wedding process. A stag party lets guys connect with their friends and have one final hurrah before the wedding day. While stag parties can be extravagant endeavors, they don’t always have to incorporate trips, luxury rentals, top-shelf liquors and private events. You can always go all out if you wish by going on a holiday with your friends, or even hiring London escorts to assist you on your special night. However, budget stag parties allow you to still have tons of fun with your friends, while keeping some much-needed cash in your pocket. Consider these party ideas to save money on your stag party.

Poker Night
Poker parties scream manliness while also preserving your cash flow. You’ll need a space to set up the table, poker chips, snacks and beer. Have everyone but the groom chip in for the food and beer, and get something special for the man of the hour, like a nice cigar or even a visit from a North Carolina Stripper (just make sure his beloved isn't going to be offended by this!).

Head To The Woods
If the stag party is during a month with nice weather, head to the woods and have a camping party. Check for locations at campgrounds and national parks to see what kind of set up and campsite you could have. If you want to spend a little bit more money, rent a cabin in the woods for some rustic guy time.

Sports, Sports, Sports
If the groom is into sports, there is no better way to celebrate his wedding than heading to the stadium to see his favorite team. Call ahead to get a good discount on group tickets, and ask if there are any other special deals that they can offer you for having your stag party at their facility. Spring for a VIP lounge or box seats if everyone is willing to chip in some money for the outing.

Get Active
If you and your friends are an active bunch, plan a stag party that involves a bit of adventure. Whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, paintball… the list is endless. Call companies to see which one will give you the best deal for your group, or look for online specials during the dates of the stag party. You’ll save money by making this a one-day trip, but if you have a little extra cash to spare, you can travel farther and stay overnight in a hotel or vacation rental.

BBQ Party
Have a good, old-fashioned backyard BBQ to save money on a stag party while still getting all the guys together for food and drinks. Have each guy bring meats and side dishes, and set up a playlist on an iPod for music in the background. If a large number of guys are invited, consider getting a keg instead of six-packs of beer to save some money and cut down on clean up.

Local Attractions
Live near a popular lake spot? Or an amusement park? Or a big city? Perhaps even close to a venue famous for its performances? Take advantage of what’s nearby. It could be something obvious, or something that you need to get a little creative with in order to make it a special and fun time. Staying local will save you money, and also normally cut out the need for renting a hotel or spending money on extra things.

Set a Budget
No matter what type of stag party you are having, the most important part is to set a budget from the start, and not stray from that number. Consider any transportation costs, food costs, entertainment costs and any tickets or admission costs to any attractions.  Come up with a total number, and then divide that number by the amount of guys attending the party. Ask them all to contribute to the party by paying for their portion, and a little extra to cover the groom’s cost. 

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