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Why should I get Temporary Car Insurance for a young driver

Posted August 16, 2012 by Shirley Jones to Insurance 0 0
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A motorist might be insured to drive one particular vehicle or any vehicle. Insurance can also insure the car for one or more named drivers; indeed, many cars are insured to be driven by any qualified driver. The majority of motorists who own a car require long-term insurance, because more often than not they use their vehicles on a regular basis.

Young or newly qualified drivers, however, are likely to have different requirements. Not all young drivers own a vehicle, while many simply do not need to drive every week or month. Students in particular tend to borrow vehicles on occasion from friends or family, so annual insurance cover is unnecessary.

Temporary Cover

Short term insurance is sometimes the best option. Temporary car insurance for a young driver can save a substantial amount of money, while it also ensures that a person is not tempted to drive without insurance.

Uninsured drivers cause problems for all motorists. Many are involved in accidents that result in severe physical injury, while those who are caught by the police face serious legal consequences. Driving without insurance should never be seen as an option, but many young drivers appear to be willing to accept the risks associated with this selfish act.


The main reason why young motorists risk driving without insurance is because insurance is expensive. Of course, young and uninsured drivers are partly responsible for the increase in premiums. Uninsured drivers who cause accidents for which compensation is required put a strain on the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB), which subsequently demands more money from insurers. To protect profit margins, insurers raise premiums to absorb the cost of funding the MIB.

Young motorists, meanwhile, cause a high percentage of all accidents on the road. Insurers set premiums according to risk. Young drivers are considered to be high-risk customers because they are more likely to cause a vehicle collision or accident than older, more mature drivers. Unfortunately, motor insurance has become too expensive for many young drivers.

Why Short-Term Cover?

Temporary insurance is ideal for many young motorists. Rather than pay out a huge sum for annual cover, young drivers can pay a much smaller figure for temporary cover. This option is perfect for drivers who only have access to a vehicle every once in a while, but it can also be used by those who want to save money on running a car they own. Students living on campus are among those who can benefit from temporary cover, as they might only require insurance during the summer and winter holidays.

Short-term car insurance is not available to all drivers. Many insurers impose an age restriction of 21 years on such cover; in fact, some insurers only provide temporary insurance for drivers aged 25 and over, so a little shopping around may be necessary. Temporary policies for drivers aged under 21 years will be relatively expensive, but compared with annual premiums they ought to be affordable for most people.

Temporary motor insurance may be limited to a period of 28 days, which is usually sufficient for most young people; however, policies can also be taken out for one day, a week or some other period. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of temporary insurance policies make them ideal for many young drivers.

About Shirley Jones: Shirley Jones writes about long and short term insurance for a number of websites and blogs. Shirley believes that temporary car insurance for a young driver is essential in today's ailing economy.

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