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Use The Power Of The Internet To Determine Your Income

Posted July 12, 2012 by Stephen Mwanza Kavita to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0
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You will often come across people walking around like headless chicken saying that the economy is tough. Others are in what we call rat race, jumping from one job to another, they run in circles and never seem to finish the race.

But there are easy ways of breaking out from the quagmire that most of us are in by simply embracing the internet. The fact is that we know the internet can change our financial status but we don’t make a move.

This is the high time you stopped talking and got into action to shape your financial destiny.

The internet is so powerful in that it can alter the direction of your life within a flush. With proper use of technology, you can use automation processes to channel money into your bank account.

By the way, you do not have to be in an office to harness the power of the internet, from the comfort of your home you can tap into all the internet has to offer.

How the internet works:

As we speak, on google alone over 4 billion searches are done on a daily basis. Statistics show that 300, 000, 000 people go online for the first time each day. What are you doing to tap into this virgin market which is thirsty for information?

The best way to catch fish is to first go to the deep seas. Then you have to cast down your net on the path fish are passing in order to trap them.

One reason the internet was created was to share information. The more you put information on the internet the more the web will direct people to you.

On the internet you share information by creating a blog or website which happens to be the net. People are search the web everyday for content and products and with a blog you can reel them in and in the process earn revenue.

The reason why blogging is integral in helping you earn income online:

In order to enjoy what the internet has to offer you need to have at least a blog. This is where you will be disseminating information and as people consume your content you can also sell whatever stuff you want.

You do not have to necessarily sell your own stuff, but if you have your own product or service you can go right ahead and sell. But you can also promote other people’s stuff and earn commission every time you make a sale.

The fact that blogs demand you to generate content on a regular bases means that with time you will find yourself on page one of search engines (This brings us to something called SEO which we shall talk about in the next point).

Publishing content on a daily basis is good but make sure you don’t just create content for the sake of it. Your articles have to be compelling, interesting, and educative to your target audience.

It is better you write one article a week and make sure it has information that would make jaws drop. This way, people will spread your content on the internet thus bringing about a viral effect.

It will not take long before you gain online recognition and people start calling you an expert. This tells you that the best strategy of blogging is to share content on a particular subject.

When I say sharing content you may assume that text is the only way of doing that. But there are other forms of content that are not written text. Other types of content include still images, moving pictures or videos, audio and so on.

Do you want to experience the power of the internet in generating income? Then you need to share information.

How to SEO (Search engine optimization):

Launching a blog is one thing but getting people to visit it is also another thing. You can have the most attractive blog that looks professional but that does not guarantee you will make money.

You need to find ways of placing your site in front of people. One of the best and free techniques of marketing your blog is through search engines.

There are two very important elements about search engines you need to have in mind. First is what we have talked about, generating content on a regular basis.

The next is that you need inbound links. By this we mean, getting other sites to point back to your content. Backlinks help boost your site authority and in the process get your site on 1st page of search engines.

Today, your social activities go a long way in ensure you rank high on search engines. Hence, make use of social media sites to further promote your blog.

Some of the social media sites include facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Apart from social media optimization, these social sites will also help you generate referral traffic to your blog further boosting your income potential.

If you are seated at home wondering what to do to change your financial status then you need to consider the power of the internet.

It is advisable to start your journey to financial independence by taking baby steps but with time you will definitely change your life for good.

About Stephen Mwanza Kavita: Stephen is an e-marketer and shares content on how to work from home on the internet. From his work online blog you will learn legit ways to earn revenue on the web. The wealth of information he has makes his blog a one stop shop for online marketing content and resources

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