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Trouble free Ways of Managing your Finances while avoiding Stress and Depression

Posted September 9, 2012 by Bobby Braulio to Finance 0 0
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A majority of people face financial stress at one point or another during their lifetimes. When debt is left to amass, it becomes overwhelming and depression sets in. Job loss and other major life changing events that are as a result of poor finances can lead to insomnia, anxiety and migraines, which eventually lead to cause decreased productivity. This means that with bad finances, you are unable to accumulate income as you did previously, and an even greater dent is created on your finances.

In many cases, people are convinced that the stress will automatically disappear when they get money. This is true to some extent. However, the problem lies with how soon it takes to acquire the money. Getting back on your feet financially may take time, so it is best to learn how best to cope with the situation. The following are tricks that should be of great help:

•Set a budget

Budgeting cannot be emphasized enough, and necessities like gasoline and food should be monitored on a daily basis. You need to target to spend a less amount than budgeted for. This will provide you with the opportunity to reward yourself when you are able to achieve the target. In addition, the result can cause a chain reaction that will motivate you to spend less each day, hence enabling you to save a significant amount for debt repayment.

•Develop a long-term plan

There has to be a long-term plan in place for the budget to be effective. It is advisable to break the budget into small fractions that will cover weekly and monthly expenditure. This is besides the daily budget that you already have. Cutting back on luxuries is vital in helping you to ease financial stress. You will also be able to track spending habits more precisely. Procrastination is a recipe for disaster, so make the financial plan soon to curb your financial problems while they are still in manageable stages.

•Write down the financial worries

Keep a journal on which you write all the financial worries that you have. This is significant in preventing overwhelming and stressful thoughts. All creative ideas should be written down, as this will tackle the worries and enable you and your family to live stress free. Any thoughts that come to your mind must be written down before going to bed, and you will definitely fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly this way.

•Take care of your mind and body

Ensure that you exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and get sufficient sleep. Stress can be maintained easily when the body is in excellent condition, so adopt this habit for your greater good. Meditate and relax for a few minutes each day after work. This will enable you to clear your mind from any worries, which prepares it for increased efficiency the following day.

•Change your ideals

Many people with financial stress are usually very materialistic. So, when they fail to acquire their heart’s desires, they end up depressed. Change your ideals and avoid materialism, as it not only gives you temporary satisfaction but leads to long-term financial stress. Determination in following the guidelines will assist you in easing the financial weight, making it less burdensome.

An inexpensive hobby like drawing or knitting can relax your mind and ease stress. In essence, such activities usually require concentration, which is significant in lowering blood pressure hence allowing relaxation. Avoid escapism through alcohol and drug abuse, as this will cause more damage than good for you in the end.


About Bobby Braulio: Kerry Wilson is a financial counselor who helps individuals to recover from financial depression. She has managed to assist hundreds of people through her blogs and articles from last many years. Her articles on Iva questions have taken attraction of the readers to solve out many problems related to IVA arrangements.

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