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Thrifty Decorating Tips for Your Budget

Posted April 1, 2013 by Edralyn to Financial Advice 0 0
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Thrifty Decorating Tips for Your Budget
Did you know that Americans spend close to $8 billion on Christmas decorations every year? While your house may look it's best when it's decked out for the holidays, do you really have thousands of dollars to spend for decorations that you'll throw away, pack away or otherwise never see again? Here are tips for thrifty decorating that will help you stay well within your budget:
1.Artificial Trees
Artificial trees today aren't what they used to be. Gone are the fake-looking plastic trees that screamed artificial. Today's trees more closely resemble the living ones that so many people put in their homes during Christmas. Instead of spending money on a new tree each year, spend money on an artificial tree once. Pack it up carefully, put it in the basement or attic and pull it back out year after year.
It's often much friendlier to the budget to buy a plain wreath than one that is decorated. Not only are you paying for the wreath, but you're paying for each decoration that comes attached to it. Instead, buy a plain wreath and decorate it yourself. You can hang ornaments, secure ribbon or even stick twigs of berries into your plain wreath to make it fancier. Not to mention that you can redecorate the wreath yearly, adjusting it to your preferred theme.

Everyone loves candles and they light up a home beautifully during the holidays. Instead of buying holidays in the traditional red and green of Christmas, purchase neutral colors or ones that fit in with your decor. This way, you can use the candles long after Christmas is over. Unless you really love pine, stay away from pine scents; they scream Christmas. Instead, look for sugar cookie or other seasonal scents. Your house will smell exquisite without smelling like "Christmas."
4.Skip a Year
It might be tough to do, but skipping a year of decorating can save you money. How? By letting you shop the after season sales for next year's decorations. Once Christmas is over, big box stores discount their decorating items by 50 percent or more. Take advantage of these sales and stock up for next year. Don't forget to check out your local home improvement stores for holiday decor items. These stores are fantastic sources of larger items like trees, wreaths and garlands.
If you don't have the money to spend on Christmas decorations, don't be shy about asking friends and family if they have any that they are looking to get rid of. Check out flea markets, thrift stores and freecycle groups on the Internet. All of these places are great sources of gently used decorations that will help you stick to your budget. Additionally, look for items that can be used year round when you're out shopping. Candles, ribbons and wreaths can be repurposed for other holidays.
You don't have to be a millionaire to deck your home out for Christmas. You can easily stick to your budget and still make your home look fantastic. Follow these tips for thrifty decorating; you'll be amazed at how lovely your house looks when you see how much money is left in your wallet.

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