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The Whiplash Compensation Trick

Posted July 9, 2012 by GeorgePeebles to Insurance 1 0
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One of the great benefits in Britain is the existence of insurance companies has given citizens the opportunity to claim compensation in the advent of personal injury. This is not the case in many countries around the world and must therefore be regarded as a blessing. However, destabilising this privilege is a system of fraud that has emerged and thrived.

The Scam

The whiplash compensation trick involves doctors diagnosing healthy patients with whiplash, who then claim compensation off the state. The patients of course pull off their best acting skills in hope of deceiving their doctor into believing they suffer from a neck injury and or trauma, and if convincing enough achieve that golden ticket in the form of a diagnosis of whiplash and whatever other injury claims they can scupper.

Astonishingly, up to £10,000 can be claimed off insurance companies and that would probably explain why this fraud system is so prevalent. Of course, we often have to pay insurance companies hefty fees for their services and this appears to have been interpreted by many as justification to claiming money back – even though such claims are unwarranted.

The fees wracked up through court charges discerning which claims are justifiable and which aren’t also costs the state significant amounts of capital and likewise takes money out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Established System

The whiplash compensation trick has become such an established system that many fraudsters orchestrate their own crashes in order to strengthen their claims and generate the foundations for claims to be made.

Further indication to how developed the fraud system is, lies within the reality that third rate doctors willingly give unjustified whiplash diagnoses to patients. These ‘doctors’ are paid by claims management companies and personal injury lawyers, keen on having more people diagnosed with whiplash seeking compensation, as this will in turn mean more customers to work with.

Beating Those Who Beat the System

So with whiplash compensation fraud being so prevalent, intelligent and intricate, how exactly do we combat the problem?

What first needs to be done is an educating of the masses to the criminal nature of the deed. By doing so people will not only realise that it is a criminal offence but they will better understand the extent to which it is so.

Perhaps stricter laws need to be implemented on those engaging in such activities. This can only come however, in correlation to more vigorous efforts to clamp down on those criminals involved.

Lastly, the third rate doctors and dodgy insurance companies need to be targeted more thoroughly as without them a big part of the system collapses. People are more inclined and confident seeking fake diagnoses off a third rate doctor than off a professional.


About GeorgePeebles: The author of ‘The Whiplash Compensation Trick’ is George Peebles, a young freelance British writer 

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