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The Health Disaster that Didn't Happen

Posted July 28, 2012 by Paul Estcott to Finance News 0 0
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Are you getting the medical care your need?  It's an old saying that nothing is more important than your health.  But if you are like most people, you aren’t being fed the information you need to know that can help you get more energy, avoid a long list of diseases and even eradicate any of your medical conditions.  It's your physician’s job to care, to help you live a healthier life than you ever thought possible.  That's why the National eHealth Record System is important.  These new discoveries derive from a program that's bringing new ideas to Australian medicine practices.

It' known worldwide that Australia has one of the best health care systems on the planet simply based on the health outcomes of its citizens. In fact, Australians receive much better treatment and spend a lot less on health care than most countries.  Because of this, Australia is on track to have the world’s best-performing economy over the next couple of years. Australia’s Medicare shares many similarities to the Medicare program in the United States with one huge exception - it is available to any Australian no matter the age.  It's largely received by all political parties and society.  Australians can supplement coverage by purchasing private health cover.  The program is financed by a tax levy on high-income earners without private health cover. 

Now the system is not flawless but it gives Australians access to a majority of basic medical services.  With that in mind, Australians are tasked with the job of maintaining or improving Australian's health outcome.  This requires a profound change in the overall approach to the way health care is delivered.  High demand, rising costs, a shortage of skilled health care workers are realities that must be dealt with. This is why both the Government and experts employed by private providers urge consumers to at the very least run a comparison of health insurance policies online.  The bottom line is that the move toward a system that aims to ensure that every interaction between customer and health care providers produces the best health outcome and where financial and human resources are used as effectively as possible. 

This is where the National eHealth Record System comes in.  Used properly, you can work with health care professional involved in your case and find out what you can do now to feel better and live longer.  In essence, by setting up your eHealth record you are taking a more active role in managing your health care.  Your eHealth record will contain a summary of your health information.  Once registered, you have access to this electronic record anytime, anywhere, through a secure website.  You can even add your own notes to your eHealth record. 

Now as stated earlier, the system is not without its flaws.  Graham Ingram, one of the nation’s most respected security professionals, has concerns that by giving citizens access to electronic health records also opens the door for fraud and privacy abuse.  He voiced those concerns at the Security on the Move conference in Sydney.  However the Health Minister has assured the country that the National eHealth Record System will be secure from attack.

You can avoid a medical disaster by giving healthcare professionals permission to view this information as well as add new information to your record.  Sharing health information is easier now than ever.  The technology backing eHealth has the potential to change the way Australian manage healthcare.  Since technology is a part of the day-to-day lives of most Australians, it makes sense to incorporate this brand new information technology in the way you manage your health.  From general practitioners to emergency care physicians, you can rest assured that with a current eHealth record you are getting the best possible care all around.

About Paul Estcott: Paul loves health insurance system. He recommends you to run a comparison of health insurance policies online in order to find the best offer.

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