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The Business Benefits of Going Green

Posted May 22, 2013 by Tom Clark to Green / Environment 1 0
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The Business Benefits of Going Green Growing concerns about pollution and climate change are driving businesses all over the world to take the steps necessary to make their buildings environmentally friendly. There are so many ways businesses can benefit from going green that even businesses that are not typically environmentally friendly are jumping on the bandwagon. This guide covers five major benefits businesses can enjoy by going green.

Healthier Employees

Studies show that going green does wonders for employee health. As an example, businesses that keep a variety of plants in their offices significantly reduce the levels of airborne bacteria. Plants also serve as a natural way to cool office air and bring the humidity to comfortable levels. Healthy air means employees will be healthier as a result.

Higher Staff Morale

Employees who care about the environment love working for a business that shares their values. Studies show that employees who work for green businesses are healthier and happier than employees at workplaces that show no regard for the environment. Running a business that employees take pride in working for is the best way to ensure high staff morale.

Public Perception

Environmentalism is no longer a fringe passion associated with the hippie movement, and the public can only become more environmentally conscious with time. The public views businesses that have not adopted green practices as greedy and irresponsible. Green businesses are overwhelmingly favoured by the public over businesses that have not yet taken those steps. A business can easily distinguish itself from the competition by going green. This applies especially to businesses in fields that are usually associated with environmental damage, such as factories and paper mills. Consumers are far more likely to go to businesses that care about the environment.

Lower Monthly Costs

The initial costs associated with going green keep many businesses in the dark ages. Fortunately, as you can find out here, those costs lead to significant savings over time. By cutting back on energy usage or switching providers, businesses benefit from lower monthly bills, and manufacturers build green power alternatives that tend to last longer than conventional power sources. Because green businesses tend to have healthier employees, going green boosts productivity. Even businesses that cannot afford to convert everything to environmentally friendly alternatives can lower monthly costs in simple, practical ways. For example, an abundance of indoor plants lessens the load on air conditions and humidifiers, which saves businesses money and results in less pollution. Cut back on energy usage by turning off computers at the end of each day and keeping the lights off in rooms that are not currently being used.

Tax Credits

To offer incentives for businesses to adopt green practices, there are tax credits available for businesses that take these important steps. Of course, not every country offers these incentives, so businesses that would like to know more about tax credits should research whether or not they are available. Tax credits are the government's answer to the high initial costs of these environmentally friendly alternatives. Initially expensive renewable energy sources such as solar power are much more affordable with the help of tax credits.

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