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Submitting A Claim For Travel Insurance? Things You Need To Know

Posted November 20, 2017 by Priyesh Pandey to Travel 0 0
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Travel insurance provides you an additional layer of protection when things don’t go as planned during a trip. There are some basic guidelines to follow when you claim travel insurance because not all claims are the same. It is important to document the event for which a claim is being sought so that the insurance company could approve it.

Claims can be made during the travel or once you have reached home. The decision largely depends on the situation and the type of policy. In case of a medical emergency, lost passport or natural calamities leading to flight cancellation, it becomes mandatory to make a claim during the trip.

Things Required to Make a Claim

  • Whether you are submitting travel insurance claim after you reached home or during a trip, Keep your important documents ready. Make sure you have the original copy of all the bills, tickets and passport ready before making a submission.
  • Keep a copy of your claim submission. Save it on a cloud or mail or drive.Thoroughly check the terms and conditions in your policy. While this is something that should be done when you buy travel insurance online, it doesn’t hurt to check again before a submission.
  • Check the duration limitation on a claim and submit your claim before the expiration
  • Know the maximum sum that can be reimbursed

Important: Always make sure to email or call the insurer as soon as possible after the mishap. They can act as a guide on how to handle the situation and provide temporary solutions until you get back home.

Types of Claims

In Case of a Medical Issue or Personal Injury

Medical expenses vary from one country to another and most international travellers are medical expenses are covered under a travel insurance policy. It is still prudent to confirm with the insurer whether the medical procedure you are opting for can be claimed. Being an alien, you may not be aware of the cost involved in hospitalization in a new country. Similarly, personal injuries that require immediate attention should also be notified to the insurer.

Quick Tip: When buying travel insurance, make sure to specify any prolonged illness or medical condition that you may have to the insurer. If it is not specified when buying insurance, the insurer may not cover an emergency related to your medical condition if you failed to specify it earlier.

In Case of Natural Calamity and Cancelled Flights

A natural calamity such as storms, floods, earthquakes, leads to cancelled flights and can disrupt your entire plan. Get in touch with your insurer immediately so that they can arrange alternate flights to come back or process papers so that a reimbursement can be made through your travel insurance policy before planning to trip abroad.

Filing Your Claim Documents

Based on the sum requested, nature of claim and timely notification, you can make a claim with a phone call or an email. Just remember to keep proof of raising the claim. You are expected to submit claim forms online with all the supporting bills, documents and proof.

When you need to send physical copies of the form and supporting documents, keep a photocopy of the same and send through a mail service which provides acknowledgment slips. The more complete your documents, the easier it is to receive the claim.

In conclusion, a travel insurance will protect you, so browse through a vast number of insurance policies on aggregator sites such as Paybima and pick the right plan for your holiday trip. Be a proactive individual and buy travel insurance online before you start your journey as it safeguards you against unforeseen circumstances.

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