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Secured Loans are Bouncing Back

Posted August 15, 2013 by James Helliwell to Finance News 0 0
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Recently after several years of financial difficulty it’s now apparent that the major high street banks are approving more secured loans applications in the United Kingdom in 2013 than in the last 5 years. Although the United Kingdom is pulling through, it’s clearly visible, according to the leading financial news sites, that Egypt, Spain and Grease are still in the middle of one big financial mess.

Double Dip Recession

Surprisingly after a double dip recession Scotland and England seam to be in a better lending position than other much bigger countries who don’t normally lag behind. After seeing the demonstrations and Egypt and Greece, it’s hard to believe that they actually want to be back to normal. The millions of pounds that are being spent on repairing damages after rioting and extra police and army wages could have been well spent paying the country’s debt off. No country can sustain being in a financial downturn and still throwing million of pounds at extra resources that could have been prevented.

Bank Bail Out

Let us take the UK, even though it has gone through years of monetary troubles with banks needing to be bailed out and lending practically being ground to a stop – a few years on they are on the mend. Banks starting to lend, building sites starting to build, debts being settled – it’s a sure sign that better things are to come. If the United Kingdom had simply given up, started rioting and costing millions of pounds in damages, they would simply not be in the position they are today. If a method works, surely other countries should follow instead of destroying what little chance they already have.

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