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Saving Money on Business Communications

Posted February 15, 2013 by Justine to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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There are many suggested ways to cut the bills and expenses when organising your business communications. Many enterprises are looking for cheaper forms of telecoms, and turning to SIP trunking as the way forward. SIP trunks are a flexible and efficient Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service, meaning that all telecoms – whether Web or phone-based – are delivered via the Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP. Such systems allow businesses to use voice, video, and other streaming media applications including desktop sharing and conferencing.

Flexibility is the key
Apart from the very important money saving factor, since SIP trunks are not reliant on traditional and relatively expensive telecommunications networks, there are a number of other benefits. These are based around the system's unparalleled flexibility, which allows users to configure their communications network anyway that suits them and to respond swiftly to emergencies or sudden changes. One example of this is an emergency that requires an unexpected relocation, such as fire or flooding.

Relocate and be back on the phones within hours
In such a situation, SIP trunking can ensure that a business's work numbers are quickly and cheaply diverted, allowing full services to be resumed within hours. Maintaining lines of communication is an essential part of any business continuity plan, so it pays to be able to do so without paying a fortune in call-forwarding charges. Customer will barely notice any disruption to their side of business operations, and the business itself can keep doing what it is there to do.

Cope easily with surges in demand
This flexibility also allows for a business to effortless absorb seasonal or temporary increases in demand, such as during sporting tournaments or the busy Christmas period. The cost of installing and operating extra telephone lines is usually prohibitive, but with SIP trunks, the system is flexible enough to grow when necessary and easily downscale once the surge in demand has passed. This also means the same numbers can be retained for future years, giving a business valuable continuity for regular customers.

The sky's the limit
Other ways in which SIP trunking can make a business more responsive is to allow for one system to service multiple sites, or for high-status numbers (such as those with a London area code) to operate in cities other than the UK capital. With such potential, businesses that wish to save money while still increasing their functionality are turning to these systems in ever-greater numbers.

About Justine: Justine Williams is a business writer. He specialises in business marketing and communications. He writes for various companies including SIP communications and software company gammasiptrunks.co.uk.

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