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Reducing the risk and damage of bike theft

Posted August 16, 2012 by Ilena to Insurance 0 0
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Motorcycles and even scooters are not immune to theft, particularly in large urban areas. If you are new to the biking world, follow these tips to effectively secure your vehicle, and limit the risks. The price of your insurance may depend on it.

It is imperative to properly secure your bike or your scooter against theft. There are some insurance companies that will refuse to pay a claim for theft if your two wheels are not protected by a lock approved SRA (Safety and Repair Automotive). Safeguards against the theft of the bike are regarded very highly by some 125cc motor bike insurance companies, because 125cc bikes are so often stolen. It is prudent to invest in one or more quality wheel locks.

There are insurance policies on motorcycleinsurance.org.uk that will give lower quotes if you have security features installed on your bike. The lock mechanism is required in some sense, in addition to the electronic protection that often comes with bikes.

Compare the different market players to get quotes embedded with attractive rates. You should ask each insurance company what you could do to decrease your insurance premium. Such as things like any alarm systems required, bike engine parts lifespan and renewal, where it is stored during the day and at night, etc.
So what do you do if your bike is stolen?

As discussed above, you will need to bring proof to your insurance of the theft such as broken locks, distorted chains etc, as well as a police report and any evidence that they or you can muster. Insurance from places such as motorcycleinsurance.org.uk will give you a detailed list of the ways you can prove that your bike was stolen. Feel free to take pictures of any evidence that may support your case. You should then file a complaint at the police station within a time of 24hrs and then send a copy of your statement to your insurance company in a time of around 48 hours. Do not expect too much, your insurer could refuse to compensate you. You must make sure you followed your insurance company’s instructions to the letter and were completely honest on your insurance form.

Zero risk does not exist. Theft techniques are evolving, such as "bike jacking" which involves dislodging (often violently) the owner of the bike when it is stopped (red light for example). Similarly, no theft is inviolable; however, some are harder and take longer to steal. There are some very clever anti-theft devices such as stronger chains or disk blocks. Your 125cc motor bike insurance premium quote will go down if you use pre-approved locks and tell your insurance company.

Make sure you anchor your bike. If your lock is poorly anchored in the ground, the thieves will have no problems with boarding the bike in a van and driving off. Two locks are better than one, especially if you own a sports bike. Never leave your motorcycle or scooter in an unsafe and unlocked position, even briefly. The thieves are sometimes very fast, and a few seconds is all they need. Try wherever possible not to park your bike outside at night, especially in large cities. Also avoid isolated or poorly lit areas that can hide would be thieves.

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