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Pros of having a Locally Available Accountant

Posted May 12, 2018 by Vidit Agarwal to Financial Advice 0 0
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Accountant- one manages your accounts, cross checks it, keeps your records comply with the current standards and at times provide you with financial guidance for the company. In this technology paced world, everything is based on online platforms. Everybody carries out their day to day life activities and meet their needs through automated systems. Life is thought to be connected, but it’s not so we are losing the warmth from communication and relationship. Technology has its own goodies list, which none can deny, but it is also not an exaggeration to say, that it has taken the life out of life. Life as well as business needs a personalized touch or support for development. The statement holds water for small companies, where individual advice and guidance from tangible professionals is needed.
Established companies have risen to the level, where they can handle things or records. Online tools, that reads the inputs and gives an output, it isn’t the best option for small business or startup. Online handling of sensitive data with accounting firms, though secure is still a skeptical thought for those initiating a milestone in their business. Insecurity of the world, lack of personal word of guidance and no face-to-face meeting drives few businesses to resort to small accounting firms. We shall focus in this article on how advantageous it is for small businesses to hire local accountants. All this technology has brought about the thought of “Global village”, but it simply doesn’t apply in every aspect of our life and henceforth the soft corner on small local accountants is still there.

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The benefit list:
Tax planning and returns:


  • Taxes are many and are just too many to keep track of. A local accountant, who has had good reviews from society could do the maintenance work for you.
  • They live in the vicinity of the company or your business and can keep updating with the best plans to minimize your dues legally.
  • The technology driven world will accelerate their performance, and they come up with services, which are reasonably priced and can provide guidance on flexible time hours.
  • You can always have their word for your work. They are always updated with new reforms to sort out the hassles.
  • You can have a moral support when it comes to paying taxes and if you are overloaded with multiple forms for everything from reporting to appealing for reliefs. They will be the best legal advisors regarding tax.
  • Local accountants will be diligent in their work as they have to compete with bigger firms in the market. They will provide the best service at the best price in order to earn goodwill among customers. Right from making schemes to reduce the load of tax, it also saves you the trouble of documentation.
  • Inheritance tax, which is the heavily taxed bill can be downsized with their guidance, thereby leaving only inheritable gifts and not inheritable bills too. “Gifts” is a way of reducing the load of liability from your assets. Giving away property as gifts, adapting to the new RNRB (Residence Nil Rate Band) and enjoy maximum benefit is a complex math which requires hours of thinking. You cannot much time for something when you run a business, you have to innovate solutions and services. Hence local accountants will help you do the mathematics of all taxes and come up with an optimal plan for savings.
  • Being a small accountant or an accounting firm, they are all the time by making the maximum savings to win their client’s approval over their work. Small accounting firms cannot get promoted just by advertisement; the major promotional strategy is through client reviews about them.

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Strategic planning:


  • Personal accountants can sympathize with you and your company.
  • They can help dissipate pressure by designing a map to reach a goal.
  • Experienced as they are, will budget out your funds and lay a plan to close all debts.
  • Knowing the capabilities of your business, they can suggest the right investment path for scaling up.
  • They can alert if you’re making a huge leap thereby pulling the entire company into risk. Risk management is possible from their side as they are unbiased and are aware of the company’s process.



  • Locally available with multi-talents are like cookies freshly baked next door, you just don’t want to refute if you are offered. Opportunities knock at the door, and only the wise open it. The ease of meeting and handing over tasks makes it an excellent choice for small companies.
  • Apart from recording transactions and maintenance of records, they simulate models that create a clear picture of where we stand financially.
  • Since they are in the same locality, you can report immediately for grievances. Sharing of data from remote storage- “cloud accounting” is trusted with peer-reviewed accountants.

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Payroll services:


  • Calculating hour based, week based and month based remuneration. With the introduction of PAYE scheme, employers find it a tedious task to extract or cut short money from the wages. Recording the same is sometimes laborious as each employee has a tax code by HMRC in addition to certain reliefs from the government over fees.
  • Reviewing an employee’s financial background in order to appeal for reliefs.
  • Ensuring filing of forms and documents on changing jobs like the form p45.
  • Deduction of liabilities like taxes and dues from the employee’s stipulated gross wage and after deducting, the net wage gets deposited in the employee’s bank in the form of a paycheck.
  • Errors in payroll can cause a lot of trouble in the form of penalties and upset workers. Local accountants, in most cases, will be cautious to avoid grievous mistakes, that costs majorly. Huge accounting firms can make errors and still not have their status affected much due to their market volume. Local accountants, every step count and hence he would do it with due diligence.

Business valuation:


  • Taking into account all the assets under the company’s name for either liquidation of assets or estimating the company’s net worth to attract investments from investors.
  • Business valuation is also necessary to determine the value of shares.
  • Local accountants are completely aware of the fact that the economic value and the owner’s personal value are interconnected.
  • Evaluating could be misleading as to what exactly should be included in valuation.
  • On the identification of the assets and liabilities, a standard approach to measure the asset’s value is needed, and an accountant will make ways.
  • Local accountants can guide you with inviting investments as they have good referrals.
  • Apart from determining the size of your company, they will assist in investing money from sales in the right and suitable project.
  • They can keep track of your sales, investments and other bills and ensure, that they are all law compliant.

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