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Professional Indemnity Insurance For Doctors – Are You Really Covered?

Posted May 23, 2013 by paulcharles to Insurance 0 0
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From doctors to dentists to pharmacy workers and right through to basic assistant roles, there is a unique and unbreakable bond between medical professionals and their patients when everything seems to be going as it should.

However, from time to time there will always be those that look to file complaints against such workers for any or perhaps no reason at all, which is why professional indemnity insurance for doctors is 100% mandatory.

The sad truth is, today’s world is one where the public is encouraged left, right and centre to find fault with everything it comes across and seek legal action when and where it is even slightly plausible. And while negligence does indeed still happen from time to time, it is incredibly rare to find that any such claims are filed for reasons where the medical professional is genuinely at fault.

Never fool yourself into thinking you’re well covered with your current policy as even the very best health insurance policies for doctors on the market might not offer anything of value when it comes to indemnity cover.

Surviving Fraudulent Attacks

It’s a sorry state of affairs to say the least, but today’s medical professionals need to make sure they are covered for all possibilities just in case one of the less scrupulous patients they come into contact with decided to attempt a phoney claim.

It’s a typical case of the despicable few ruining things for the vast majority of honest individuals, forcing doctors to fork out more than ever before on increasingly complex insurance policies.

Professional indemnity cover has become the single more vital safeguard for each and every person working with patients in any area of the medical industry, though when it comes to choosing a policy it isn’t quite as black and white as it might be.

For example, the majority of policies will of course cover all day-to-day activities and patient encounters in the surgery itself, but what about when it comes to performing out of hours? Incredible to believe as it may be, there are countless instances of doctors having rushed to the aid of random members of the public who may have suffered slips, trips or even heart attacks on the city streets, only to later be taken to court in order for the ‘victim’ to try and score a quick cash payout.

As such, it’s vital to question how far the coverage goes in terms of out of office or out of hours treatment of patients, otherwise it can be far too risky to even try and help out where needed.

The same goes for any doctors putting in voluntary hours to help out at any given event or scenario – you simply must ensure you are covered before taking part.

And as far as medical workers that work for a larger organisations are concerned, chances are you will be covered by your employer’s insurance but it remains your responsibility to verify this.


About paulcharles: Paul Charles specializes in offering financial planning advice to medical and healthcare professionals. Associated with a very well-known company Medical Money he helps GPs and individuals in terms of income protection, money management, doctor’s pensions and insurance, surgery insurance and more.

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