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Procurement Management: Purposes, Methods, and Key Points

Posted July 26, 2012 by Al Kraus to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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Procurement management is defined as a technique that allows a corporation to acquire services or goods from a different company. It is important for medium to large companies, as it helps in the smooth run of each and every business. There are many purposes of procurement management, all of which can help your company grow into the bigwig that you wish it to be.


Procurement management simplifies the task of obtaining the items and equipment that you need for the workplace. You don’t have to search the city or nearby districts for the materials that you need for operation, you can leave that in the hands of the bidding suppliers.

It also helps your company save money because it allows you to deal with different sellers, each of whom might have different offers for you.


Before you delve into the specifics of procurement management, you need to know what you need, and if it can help you save money in the long run. Once you have decided, you then need to go about with the steps.

First, you need to conduct a research about the different suppliers who can provide you the items you need. Next, you can invite these companies in bidding. Given their offers, you need to learn more about their products, and why you think you can save more money with Company A rather than Company B. The cheapest product should not be your automatic choice, as factors such as durability and quality should also be considered.

Wrapping up the Deal

After selecting the company that you’d like to do business with, you can go forth and contact the supplier to discuss the terms of payment and other things that should go into the contract. You need to be clear with the terms, as a contract serves as a legal bind between you, the buyer, and the supplier.

You also need to monitor the procurement yourself or you can assign this task to your employees. In this process you need to check with the supplier every so often so he can deliver the goods in time. Tracking the procurement can help you determine if the supplier is abiding with the terms of the contract.

Key Points

The most important thing in the process is hiring skilled and experienced people to do the job. There are many methodologies involved in this process that’s why you need a trained procurement manager to help you out.

It’s important to maintain a harmonious relationship between your company and the supplier as you might need his products in the near future. As for his end of the deal, a good relationship can mean a loyal customer – your company.

If there are problems on your part or that of the supplier, urgent communication is needed so the troubles can be fixed right away. Most importantly, you must keep the management system running smoothly in order for the company and the supplier to reap all the benefits of this process.

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