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Print For Less: Easy Ways to Cut Your Screen-Printing Costs

Posted July 28, 2012 by Marie Chan to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0
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Assuming you've already made the switch from embroidered-polo uniforms to cheaper, more flexible custom screen-printed T-shirts, you may be wondering why your company's clothing costs are still so high. After all, one of the major selling points of screen printing services is their relative cheapness. Happily, there's still plenty of low-hanging fruit to be picked in this department. The following tips have helped plenty of businesses pad their bottom lines and keep their employees and clients happy and well-clothed.


1. Boost Your Promo Budget


As you surely know by now, your business's custom-printed T-shirts aren't just for your employees. They're also practical, comfortable, and most importantly mobile billboards that create trails of leads wherever they go. If you haven't been giving away your company's logo shirts away at trade shows, charity raffles and any other miscellaneous events that it might sponsor, you've been keeping a lot of potential business on the sidelines. Set a goal to double the number of screen-printed shirts that you hand out for free within the next three months, then double that number within the following year.</p>


2. Clear Up Your Design

Image is everything these days. Your custom-printed T-shirt's design must clearly broadcast your firm's name and logo, but it should also be memorable. Consider including a one-sentence pun or a funny picture if it won't interfere with the shirt's basic message. Make it two-sided, especially if your pun or joke has a punchline, but don't fall into the "concert date" trap and clutter your design with too much small text. This requires some upfront investment, but your shirt will pay for itself once it catches on in the form of increased website traffic and purchase inquiries.


3. Monetize Your Shirts

Many successful companies whose main product lines have nothing to do with screen-printing have made prosperous side businesses out of innovative company T-shirts. Starting an online store with a secure payment system costs next to nothing and will more than cover your printing costs if you price your designs correctly. If you print it, they will come.


4. Order In Bulk

Even if you don't think you can use them all, let your supplier know that you mean business by placing bulk orders. Once the printer's overhead costs have been recouped, it costs them next to nothing to print additional shirts, so they'll give you a major discount on big orders. Remember, you can always start your own side business with your surplus inventory.


5. Find a Vertically-Integrated Supplier


Middlemen in every industry are feeling the squeeze these days as vertical integration renders their services obsolete. With plenty of big screen-printing outfits that sell directly to end-users, there's no reason to involve a wholesaler whose only contribution to the process is a 20 percent markup on your final price. Many major printers have deals worked out with logistics companies like FedEx and UPS and are happy pass their shipping savings along to you.


Unlike expensive embroidered polo shirts, custom screen-printed T-shirts can help your business in multiple ways. They're fun to wear as uniforms and double as mobile billboards for your company. They're also a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Keep these tips for cutting your printing costs in mind as your business expands.

About Marie Chan: Fiona Grate is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, New York.  She writes for tshirtprinting.org where you can find out more about personalized shirts

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