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Planning to Restore a Car? You Might Need One-Day Car Insurance

Posted October 18, 2012 by Marie Chan to Insurance 0 0
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 Restoring a vehicle is a big undertaking, but one that's extremely rewarding once the task is complete. If there's currently a classic car sitting in your garage doing little more than collecting dust, and you have some time and money to spare, restoring the vehicle is a worthwhile endeavor. Once you’re finished, you can sell the car for a handsome profit, or perhaps give it as a gift to a son or daughter who is getting ready to attend university or reach another milestone.

Insurance for Short Distances

Most drivers know that automobile insurance is required for any vehicles that are taken out on the road, but it’s easy to forget that you also need it even if you’re driving a vehicle a couple of kilometers down the road from your house to the a nearby garage.

Stay mindful of the law and purchase one-day car insurance so that you can stay covered as you transport your car to prepare it for being restored. Driving is highly unpredictable because you not only have to look out for yourself, but also everyone else who’s out on the road. Even if you’re a great driver, the same can’t always be said for everyone else. Collisions can happen in a split second, and if you’re not at fault, you’ll still be the one dealing with the burden of any damages, especially if your car’s not insured.

These untimely accidents aren’t common, but they’re certainly possible. People often spend months or years planning a vehicle restoration project, and for good reason. Beyond restoring the engine and all the mechanical parts, you can bring a special touch to the body by adding a new coat of paint or even some contrasting stripes. Short-term car insurance is easily obtained in a few minutes, and you can get quotes by simply logging online and getting a quote for your needs. Isn’t it worth your peace of mind to take the time to do this and know that you’re covered if something unexpected happens? Having to pay for damages related to an uninsured vehicle could derail your entire schedule and put a huge dent in your budget. Adopt the same mindset that you do when outlining your restoration ideas by remembering to purchase short-term insurance before you get involved too deeply.

Short-Term Car Insurance Sets a Good Example

People often think that car insurance is just for cars that are regularly out on the road, so that if they’re only driving a car a short distance, they don’t need it. As you’ve already learned earlier in this article, that’s not true. Be a good role model for your children, other relatives, and everyone you know by taking the time to purchase short-term car insurance as needed. People from the same family, or same community commonly work on cars together as a bonding experience. Striving towards a shared goal boosts morale and encourages teamwork. When you make a point of getting short-term insurance before your auto project begins, everyone that’ll be sharing in the task with you will see that you’re committed to success from start to finish. You can’t expect to have a good outcome if you pay strict attention to some foundational needs but not others. Work the cost of short-term insurance into your budget now and look forward to a memorable experience from restoring your automobile.


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