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Make Your House Cleaning Business Stand Out With These Tips

Posted May 7, 2013 by Marie Chan to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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Cleaning house is something that everyone has to do, but some people choose to leave the task to experts, especially if they’re already feeling swamped by a growing list of responsibilities, and the last thing they want to do after a busy day is tidy up.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment outlook for maids and housekeepers is projected to grow by 8% through the year 2020. Although this growth is slower than average, job opportunities are still plentiful, especially for people who have prior experience. If you're thinking about starting your own housecleaning business, it's important to differentiate yourself from the competition to improve your chances of getting noticed. Keep reading for a few ideas you can try today.


Appeal to Niche Markets

In any business, it's necessary to demonstrate why potential customers should choose your services over other options. If you don't do that, someone else will, and it's likely that person could start snatching away potential customers. Give yourself a leg up by promoting services to segments of the population that might be on the lookout for particular features.


For example, if you serve a community where green living is a priority, consider switching over to earth friendly cleaning agents, and purchase an industrial vacuum that includes an advanced filtration system to reduce environmental allergens and contaminants. Making these improvements could be a perk not only for people who want to be kind to the earth, but also those who struggle with allergies related to seasonal changes or harsh substances.

Be Available on Short Notice


Often, house cleaners work in residences on a scheduled basis, but you can offer additional benefits by making yourself available to serve clients who have found themselves in emergency situations. Unexpected events like flooding can quickly turn a once-spotless house into a disaster zone, and cause occupants to feel extremely stressed. By being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you might not have as much free time, but you'll have the right to charge higher rates, simply because you're offering a service that some other house cleaners wouldn't even consider.


Let People Purchase Your Services for Others


You can also reach out to potential customers by giving them the ability to buy services for loved ones who might need a helping hand. People who are elderly or disabled may have difficulty maintaining their living environments. As time passes and rooms become more cluttered, that can create a domino effect because residents start feeling ashamed about an inability to perform upkeep. They may even go to the extreme and begin living like hermits. Also, parents might appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that college students may not always be hitting the books, but can at least inhabit  a clean environment while away from home, thanks to housekeeping services.


Research ways for people to either book time with you by redeeming gift certificates or creating accounts where multiple people can pay for the cost of having a residence cleaned by your company. Besides being helpful in the examples above, this tactic can also work well if you're interested in appealing to property managers who might handle dozens of complexes simultaneously.


Marketing a house cleaning business isn't always straightforward, but if you think outside the box and draw inspiration from these suggestions, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a prosperous business that offers welcome convenience.


About Marie Chan: Eva Martin is a very busy blogger so to make housecleaning easier she purchased one of the Nilfisk vacuums.  The Soleus portable air conditioner keeps the house cool while she runs the vacuum. Check out the other items offered at Sylvane.com.

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