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If Chuck Norris had bad credit he'd use these tips

Posted July 23, 2012 by Bryan to Credit / Credit Cards 1 0
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Let’s get one thing clear: Chuck Norris doesn’t need credit cards, because when Chuck Norris wants to buy something, he just gives cashiers a knowing look, and they pay for it themselves. After all, nobody tells Chuck Norris “no”. But if he had bad credit, wouldn’t you want to know how Chuck Norris would go about the job of credit repair?

Tip #1: Chuck Norris Always Knows What’s Coming

There’s a well-known fact that nobody can hide from Chuck Norris, and information is no different. If he had a bad credit report, Chuck would already know about it. The rest of us don’t have that luxury, but we do have the Fair Credit Reporting Act on our side. This law allows you to be just as informed as Chuck.

The first step to credit repair is being informed, and that starts with your credit report. A credit report is a list of all of the information about you as a consumer, including when you’ve missed a bill payment or, sometimes, when you’ve paid bills on time.

Your credit report is essential because it lets you see what is causing your poor credit, and gives you the chance to dispute anything you deem inaccurate. Be like Chuck – stay informed so credit problems can’t sneak up on you.

Tip #2: Chuck Norris Always Has a Plan

You think Chuck Norris goes into a fight without a clear plan of attack? Not on your life. Like Chuck, planning your finances by creating a budget is one of the best ways to help yourself deal with bad credit and debt.

Spend the time it takes to create a detailed list of all the money you and your household brings in each month, and all the expenses you have. Start with the stuff that doesn’t change each month, like your car note, mortgage payment, and insurance. Then work through the items that change every month, like groceries and entertainment. It may seem silly, but realistically looking at the money you’re working with can help you resist the urge to spend money you need for rent and bills on something you can live without.

Tip #3: Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Debt in the Face

Truthfully, Chuck would likely solve a lot of his debt problems with his fists, but it can help you to be proactive in your own way. Don’t wait until it is too late and then try desperate credit repair. Instead, contact the people you owe money to right away if you have a problem making payments, especially if it is due to short-term circumstances. Chances are, they will work with you to lower your payments or give you a little extra time to get your ducks in a row.

Tip #4: Chuck Norris Treads Lightly

If you’ve paid off your debt but need to rebuild your credit, resist the urge to get the credit card with the highest possible limit and rack up purchases on it. Chuck Norris would rather sneak into the enemy headquarters instead of waltzing in the front door and having to fight all of the bad guys, and you should be careful too. Set a low limit on your credit cards, and be sure to pay all or most of them off at the end of the month. These timely payments will keep you from being buried by interest rates and finance charges while still improving your credit.

Most of us aren't blessed with Chuck Norris’s unique talents, but thankfully he’s provided examples we can live by to help us roundhouse kick our way to better credit.

About Bryan: Bryan is a marketing consultant. He helps people find the confidence to get their financial lives back on track. 

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