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How to Make the Customer Experience Lasting with Wholesale Tissue Paper

Posted April 1, 2013 by Andy to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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If you run your own store, whether online or physically, there are certain small considerations you can make towards your customers to give them the positive experience that will enhance your businesses reputation. It’s the little things that make a difference and make your business stand out, and it’s important that you always remember that. You can give your customers a reason to remember the service you offer them with something so simple such as wrapping their purchase in tissue paper.

Wholesale tissue paper is such an affordable and simple product that your business can utilise to make the customer experience that little bit better. Why tissue paper? It’s cheap, it’s easy to source, it has the ability to look elegant, and it’s such a simple solution. If you offer wrap up a customer’s purchase in luxury tissue paper, or you offer a wrapping service, you can give customers more out of their products. Customers buying from your store for a gift for example can get everything they need in one place along with a gift that looks elegant and luxurious. If you don’t want to get into wrapping so to speak, then you can utilise tissue paper to ‘fill’ the bag and make the purchase that little more exciting.



It’s the small things that make a difference to customers today. There is so much competition out there is every industry that it’s essential you give customers a reason to be excited about your store. Wholesale tissue paper is such a small gesture that is, seemingly insignificant, and so simple yet it has the ability to turn your products into so much more than your competitors can offer. Presentation is so important in products before and after they leave the store. This enables them to continue to experience when they arrive home and enjoy un-wrapping their purchase or enjoy the fact that their purchase is already beautifully presented for them to give as a gift.

Wholesale tissue paper is often utilised in jewellery stores and clothing stores today. It promotes your business as being professional and taking pride in the appearance of products. The little bit of luxury you offer keeps the experience interesting and leaves a lasting impression. Customers will enjoy having a little excitement in their purchase whichever way you choose to implement it. Such a simple and affordable solution is available widely online and in a great variety too. You can incorporate tissue paper that is coloured, white, designer, metallic, and luxury printed tissue paper in your customer's purchases to make them that little bit more special.

Utilising tissue paper is a simple solution and one that can give you something a little special to offer customers in their experience. As well as this, there’s also the added benefit of protecting products in transit on behalf of your customers and preventing risk of scratches and damages. The small gesture makes products more exciting, enhances the experience, and helps ensure products get home in one piece. Adding a small bit of elegance and luxury to your customer’s experience can ensure they come back again and again instead of trying out the competition for size. Whatever you sell in your store, make sure you consider how you can give your customers a little something more. You can make your products more than the competition can achieve with a simple gesture wrapping them in tissue paper.

About Andy: Steve is a freelance small business man in North Wales. He utilised wholesale tissue paper when wrapping products with positive effects. In her spare time; Steve enjoys travelling and swimming at the local pool.

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