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How To Cut Costs For Start Up Businesses

Posted February 25, 2013 by Rebecca Woods to Career 1 0
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If you’re thinking about starting up your own business then budgeting costs is imperative. Whatever line of work you’re looking to go into, managing your future financing should be top of your list. There’s a fair deal to consider before heading straight into business, such as choosing a premises, naming your business, logos and branding and designing your website. However don’t let startup expenditures put you off as there are many ways to save on costs, such as outsourcing some services, bartering for equipment, hiring interns, and forming strategic alliances with other small firms.


The trade/craft industry has become somewhat of a craved for career option over the last decade so is consequently very competetive - be prepared for dealing with stress. Experience in the field would be a good start if you’re looking to get into it and from there you’ll be able to build on your business strategy and clientele. Starting a business in your desired trade needn’t involve huge amounts of upfront cash being spent. If you’ve done an apprenticeship you may have already accumulated a useful collection of tools, and most plumbers you hire will come with their own equipment anyway. The one thing that you absolutely  require, is a vehicle of some kind. You’ll need a reliable mode of transportation to get to your jobs and while second-hand makes business sense you’ll need to spend enough to ensure it’s not breaking down every other day and that it looks reasonably respectable.

Pubs, Leisure and Hospitality

If working in bars, restaurants and public houses are your forte then there are a great deal of cost-saving tips to get you on your way to becoming a leading name within hospitality. Running your own pub, for example,  is a unique lifestyle. You often live where you work, you are your own boss, you make a difference to the community and have flexibility to be creative and innovative and reap the rewards from your hard work. A great way of keeping your outgoings to a minimum and profits increasing is by using a pub leasing agreement, rather than forking out for an upfront cost on a premises. This will provide you with leeway spread over a period of time to be able to do what you want with your chosen property. A good way of increasing cash flow in bars or pubs is by organising events where the public would be purchasing food and drinks from the bar. With a newly owned pub company, an introductory event will be great way to build  a rapport with the local community so people will spread the word and want to return.

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