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Getting the right financing for business growth

Posted May 29, 2017 by McKinley Plowman to Finance 0 0
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It is inevitable for a growing business to invest in new equipment that is necessary for its expansion.  However, some of these investments are costly and can require serious planning. 

For example, a Bakery that wants to expand its product range and services may need to invest in larger mixers, ovens, and even a vehicle for deliveries. The owner needs to determine whether they would want to purchase or finance the assets needed and how the finance is to be structured.

Depending on the asset and your taxable position, it may be more beneficial to purchase an asset through a Lease, Hire Purchase or Chattel Mortgage.
Investing in equipment and vehicles for your business can cost thousands of dollars, therefore careful planning and finding the right kind of financing solutions should be undertaken – This is where using a McKinley Plowman finance broker becomes essential.

Business owners can seek the services of our broker team to help with their financial needs to expand their business. Through our brokers, entrepreneurs can determine their capacity to borrow and will have access to a wider range of lenders to source the ideal financing that fits their current circumstance.

At McKinley Plowman, we have developed an innovative, streamlined process specifically for business equipment and vehicle finance.
MP+ Express Service

  1. 2-hour approvals
  2. 2-hour settlements
  3. 24-hour finance turnaround times
  4. $150k max loan amount
  5. Vehicles – new up to 4 years old (cars, trucks, yellow goods)
  6. ABN (2 years) and GST registered
  7. Business purpose only
  8. Great rates
  9. Only through licensed dealers

The benefit of working with our finance brokers is that we will work on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the results you seek. With years of experience, McKinley Plowman can definitely assist in finding the loans you need to grow your business.

If you would like more information about our process and how we can help you get the right financing, please get in touch with our finance division here.

About McKinley Plowman: Nigel Plowman, Director, McKinley Plowman Prior to forming McKinley Plowman, Nigel specialised in management consulting and international accounting, enjoying success in Australia and in the United Kingdom. His extensive experience in management consulting, international accounting and innovative tax structures has been a major driver in the success of McKinley Plowman as well as the many businesses he has steered towards new levels. Nigel is dedicated to fast-tracking his client goals with cutting edge tax and business strategies. He is a member of the CPAs and the Taxation Institute of Australia and enjoys developing tax strategies that work well here and around the world.

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