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Gaining Site Exposure: How the Pros Do It

Posted April 25, 2013 by Goldie to Frugality 0 0
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Whether you are a blogger, a small business, or involved in affiliate marketing, one thing is extremely important to success, getting your site found and looked at. Simply creating a website won't bring people to it, especially the people that matter. You need to drive traffic and make sure that traffic is relevant to your message, product, or service you are offering. The only way to do this effectively is to create a strategy for gaining site exposure. So take these tips from the pros to increase relevant traffic.

Getting Your Site Out to the Masses

If nobody knows about your site, how can they read it. Your site has to compete with other sites in your niche that have been building traffic longer than you have. Getting your site known is a long and tedious task that only yields good results. Site directories, guest posts on other relevant sites in your niche, and social media are often the best way to send your site out to the world. In a world where Facebook and Twitter dominate society, you can't have something to say and not say it socially.

Good Content Equals Good Readership

If you have put in the time to build your site, you certainly want the content on your site to be good quality. One of the largest mistakes made by sites is posting low quality content. You need to assure you grab your readers and continue bringing them back. Make sure all of the content on your site is well written, informative, engaging, and unique. Posting duplicated content from the internet is an SEO no-no.

Forums and Groups

If you own a niche site, for instance gardening or finance, then you must have a general interest in the subject. By joining groups and forums, you can spark conversation, debate, and interest in your site. There are thousands of forums and groups related to every niche out there. Join up and start talking to show your skill and expertise, as well as plug your site.

Building Backlinks to Drive Traffic

The world of SEO has taken many twists and turns. In the past you could post anything with a link and gain traffic and ranking. Now only high quality, unique guest posts with natural anchors on relevant sites will be effective. Business2community.com explains guest posting and how it can help your site gain traffic. If there is a site you often read that follows your same niche, contact the owner of the site to see if they would accept a guest post. By placing your site link on that post, you gain exposure, traffic, and an increase in page rank if the site you post on is trusted and reliable.

Owning a site can be a lucrative and enjoyable experience. Reaching out to those interested in what you have to offer or say should be the first priority once your site is up. Take the time to lay down a strong strategy to gain exposure and assure your site succeeds.


About Goldie: Colby Hetrick is an avid marketing blogger offering tips on gaining exposure to your site. Click here to help your site bring in more traffic.

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