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From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang: The Different Faces of Vietnam Party Cities

Posted March 29, 2013 by Melanie to Travel 0 0
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You've probably seen photos of the beautiful beaches of Vietnam, but you may not have known that Vietnam has a healthy party life for those tourists who like a little sidecar with their relaxing getaway.  From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, you'll find tourists and locals ready to party.
Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, which was once the wild and famous party town of <a href="http://wikitravel.org/en/Ho_Chi_Minh_City">Saigon,</a> remains the party center of Vietnam.  The city comes to life after dark when people emerge into the cooler air to take advantage of the rich city life.  Ho Chi Minh City features hip bars, clubs and famous guest DJ spots.  The city is Vietnam's largest city with 8 million inhabitants.  Most of the clubs are located in the downtown area called District One.  Most visitors and residents out for a night on the town can simply move from bar to club by foot. You'll find rooftop bars that showcase the brilliant night horizon.  You'll find street food in between your destination after restaurant hours.  This city is set up for partying.

Here are the clubs you won't want to miss:
Q Bar:  the glamorous Q Bar is one of Ho Chi Minh City's hottest DJ spots featuring famous European DJs.  You'll find dark mood lighting, cosmopolitan visitors looking for dancing and exotic cocktails.
Lush: Near Q Bar, Lush is a little more eclectic and very hot with electro hip-hop and DJ crews.  There's a balcony where hip visitors like to both watch and be watched.
Apocalypse Now:  Also in the club district is Apocalypse Now.  Hit up this club in the early morning hours when you'll find the place brimming over the edges on the first floor.  Or if you're interested in a more mellow place to end the night, head upstairs where you'll find a quiet scene.
GO2:  If you're looking for a lower key place that is still super hipster, check out GO2, which is open 24 hours.

Nha Trang

If you want to get away from the urban center of Vietnam and head for the beach, Nha Trang has a reputation for begging a great party beach.  During the day, hit the bars along the beach.  They'll offer palm umbrellas or sun loungers where you can sip cocktails. When the night comes, you'll find laid back cocktail bars and clubs teeming with backpackers and locals.
Here are some of the highlights:
The Louisiana:  With freshly brewed beer, the Louisiana compliments the Bia Hoi beer huts dotted around the city.  The beer is fresh and has a reputation for meeting even the highest of expectations

Guava Bar: Lounge music, soft lighting and comfortable seating make Guava Bar a great choice for winding down as the night comes
Sailing Club: So popular with tourists and locals, the Sailing Club is not to be missed.  There's a huge dance floor and it's filled with backpackers and Saigon transplants looking for the best of beach life.  They also run monthly events such as "Insomnia" parties that bring in a lot of hype.
Why Not?: The Why Not? picks up after midnight if you don't want to go home.

If you're into partying, you'll find many brands and faces of it in Vietnam. Whether you favor the glamorous big-city vibe of Ho Chi Minh City or the laid back beach version of partying, Vietnam has it all.

About Melanie: International blogger Dollie Younkin loves to travel the Far East and visit the country most dear to her - Vietnam. She especially likes the  party town of Ho Chi Minh City.  

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