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Posted September 24, 2012 by bobbybeasley to Finance 0 0
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Investing in property of various types is a lucrative business. You can get returns on the same by way of rent or second sale. It is especially useful in times of need; during emergencies, etc.

You can invest in real estate even with a modest budget. There are a few factors that you can consider before putting your money into real estate. The first factor is your credit score. The credit score represents your net worthiness. It is a numerical expression established on the basis of details of your credit report information. It is also used by credit companies and institutions like banks to estimate the probable risk that could be incurred by them if they lend you money and hence this score is used as a basis to determine if you are eligible for the loan. Credit score is also used by many other customer-servicing companies for reasons on parallel grounds. The higher the credit score, the brighter are the chances that your loan can be approved at low rates. So if your credit score is good, you stand to avail more amount as loan for your real estate investment.

It will help if you appoint an estate agent for guiding you through the process of real estate investing. You must be able to research and confirm that he is well – versed, experienced and knowledgeable in this field. He should also be dependable and trustworthy. Only then, will he be able to browse for the kind of property that you are looking for and will also help with the negotiations, purchasing of property and completing all the legal aspects involved; all at a nominal fee, if applicable. Normally, he gets commission from the person whose property he sells.

Next, you would require finance for the property that you are purchasing. You must carefully study your resources and chalk out a plan that takes due consideration of the modest budget that you have and that you would require loan of a higher amount. In any case do not settle on a property price that exceeds the size of your loan amount. It might take a while to scour for the right kind of house, but be patient. Your hard work will be rewarded in due course of time.

When you apply for loan, firstly, your credit score, as mentioned earlier, must be adequate for the amount needed. Study the rates of interest and the fees and other charges for the loan from different probable sources, i.e. banks and financial institutions. If necessary, you can also apply for loan estimates at competitive rates from them. Only then, approach the bank you feel is the right creditor for your needs and apply for the loan through the prescribed format and procedure.

When everything is finalized, using proper documentation; the agreement papers must be duly signed and other essential formalities like taking charge of house keys, titles to the property, etc. must be completed after paying down payment to your bank. Later, it is necessary to take due care to use the loan amount only for the purpose for which it has been applied for and not to clear any other form of debt.


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