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Few Things that Turn off Buyers

Posted August 16, 2012 by Pallspera to Real Estate 0 0
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If you're planning to sell home, it's important that you put your very best foot forward, if you want to sell quickly and at a decent price. Your home should look impressive to buyers. So avoid following things that can turn off buyers.

1. Entry way Impression
When a buyer comes at your home he'll first see the front door of your home, this could make your own very first impression in front of him. "You never receive a 2nd chance to create impression". Give them something to look forward to, rather than giving them fear about what is next. You must look after all this things and required to do repainting, changing out door hardware, or replacing the door entirely just before selling your home.


2. Cluttered Basements and Garages

There are very few things that a seller needs to take care about and need to take suitable step to avoid it. When a customer is coming in your house they want to picture their stuff in your space.  If they notice that your stuff does not match they're not going to be able to picture just how it'll work for them.  They quickly think not enough storage.


3. Smoke Filled Rooms
The odor of smoke lingers in a room long after the source of the smoke has been removed.  For non-smokers it is easy to notice the smell quickly.

4. Ugly or Impractical Improvements
Many buyers have walked into a home which was advertised as having been recently renovated -- only to get the remodeling poorly done or even ugly. If you're "remodeled" kitchen features pink counter tops and backsplash tile sporting kittens, buyer will be disappointed if their idea of redesigning means Carerra marble counter tops or custom Italian tile. House improvements which run counter to a potential buyer's personal aesthetics are a huge turn-off. The customer is simply paying for recent improvements and upgrades, and won't wish to have to pay for extra ones simply because they're disappointed with your pink countertops, kitten tile and bright blue carpeting. What's a Seller to do? Make appropriate improvements. Before you invest in a major pre-sale redesign, seek the advice of a local broker or realtor. These professionals may give you a reality check about the likely return on your investment and help you prioritize improvement projects.

5. Abandoned Automobiles and Equipment

If you have an old tractor parked in the center of a field buyers will see it as an abandoned piece of equipment (even if your tractor works well).  If they believe it is abandoned they are going to think that you don't value your property.  If you don't worth your home exactly why should they worth your home.


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