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Eight Amazing Tips for Choosing an Expert Conveyancer

Posted March 1, 2013 by Laura Humphries to Real Estate 1 0
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To the untrained person, conveyancing can seem like a confusing and unnecessary process. However conveyancing is an essential and unavoidable part of buying a property, and one which must not be overlooked or rushed.

Before you can officially complete the purchase of your new home, a conveyancer will look over all of the legal documents pertaining to the sale of the property in question. A conveyancer will also complete the exchange of deeds and formally register you as the new owner of the property after the finances have been dealt with.

Getting it Right First Time

Because this process can be so complicated and time consuming it’s important that, when you go to choose your conveyancing solicitor, you make the right choice and get an experienced, knowledgeable conveyancer who can meet all of your requirements. To ensure this is the case, make sure you follow these eight amazing tips for choosing the right expert conveyancing solicitor for you: -

•  Do Your Research

Make sure your do plenty of research about what kind of conveyancing you will need, how long it should take, and what you can expect to pay in costs.

•  Cover All Costs

Don’t set yourself up for any nasty surprises – make sure everything’s included in the total cost of your conveyancing and don’t try to cut corners on the price by leaving out essential parts of the process. Get a conveyancing quote online today to find out how much conveyancing could possibly cost you.

•  Shop Around

Don’t go for the first conveyancing solicitor you find. There are plenty to choose from and costs can vary, so take your time before settling on a conveyancer and remember that the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily going to be the best.

•  Consider the Worst Case Scenario

By finding out how conveyancing could go wrong, you’ll be preparing yourself on the off chance that it does. Safeguard yourself by choosing the right conveyancing solicitor.

•  Get Educated

It’s important that you know as much as you can about your conveyancing solicitor before you do business with them. Make sure you’re as well acquainted with the terms of the transaction you enter into with your conveyancing solicitor as possible by always reading the small print. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary or suspicious looking fees.

•  Be Sceptical

If you’ve been referred to a solicitor by a friend, business recommendation or website, make sure you can trust the source of the referral and always make your own assessment before committing.

•  Research Your Property

Get to know your prospective property, including obtaining a title plan and having a local authority search conducted to uncover any potential hidden costs.

•  Communicate Clearly

If anything’s wrong with either the property or the conveyancing services you’re receiving make sure to communicate and complain if needs be. There are plenty of resources available to help you through this process, including the Legal Ombudsman.

About Laura Humphries: Laura Humphries works as a researcher and blogger for The Legal Ombudsman. She has a passion for real estate and sharing her knowledge with others.

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