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Creating a Backyard Fit for Summer

Posted April 15, 2015 by BrunoJax to Green / Environment 0 0
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The weather is heating up, which means much more time spent outdoors as opposed to indoors. Yard work can seem tedious, but it is definitely a chore worthwhile. Instead of doing yard work to impress your neighbors, do yard work to impress your family and enjoy time with them this summer. Use spring as the season to prepare your yard to be the place where fun family memories are made once the kids are out of school, the days are longer, and the weather is perfect. Here are some ways to create your dream backyard.

Gardens and landscape

Create a whimsical feel by planting lots of flowers, especially Allium flowers that grow tall, have lots of color, and can make kids feel like they are in a Dr. Seuss story. Allium flowers are nice because you do not have to plant them every year due to their high tolerance for weather conditions and their ability to grow over and over again each year. If you are tired of mowing a large lawn, cut your mowing in half by creating a backyard beach with sand. Who says a yard can only be grass and plants? Create large garden boxes to plant vegetables to snack when you are having way too much fun to take a break to go inside and eat.

Fun for the kids

You will never regret building a treehouse if your yard permits. Most of your children’s memories will be playing out back in their treehouse. Allow your kids to help you with the construction of the treehouse so they can feel proud of their work as well as feel the excitement for the finished product. Create a mystic vibe by drilling holes in your fence and installing colorful marbles in the holes for the sun to shine through. You want your kids to enjoy playing in the yard while letting their imaginations go wild.

Additions for everyone

Yards should be fun for the whole family, so indulge in the idea of creating a space where your family can gather and enjoy each other’s company. Hang a hammock swing big enough for multiple people. You might also consider designating a particular spot in the yard for camping out complete with a fire pit for s’mores. It can also be a perfect spot for your pond. Once you've got the area excavated, you'll just need a liner and a pond pump to keep the water healthy and you can discover how much fun it can bring for your family!

DIY projects

Getting rid of old furniture? Before saying goodbye to it, see what you can turn it in to. Buzzfeed suggests turning old bunk beds into a stargazing retreat with a fresh coat of paint, pillows and lanterns. Collect old rocking chairs and fix them up by sanding, painting and repairing them and finally accenting them with throw pillows for stylish and comfortable seating around the fire pit. Lastly, build a gazebo where you can hide from the summer heat with wood, some curtains and a comfortable place to sit. Your backyard should be a place you can retreat to relax.

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Source: buzzfeed.com/peggy/diy-ways-to-make-your-backyard-awesome-this-summer#.hxBKkYDqq

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