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Breaking down a Great Email Campaign

Posted February 19, 2013 by Justine to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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Email marketing campaigns can be the difference between an average year in sales and a fantastic one. Depending on how well the campaign is designed, managed, and deployed can make all the difference on its success. In order to ensure that every penny of the marketing budget for an email campaign is maximised, a great email campaign needs to be broken down into distinct phases, each phase deserving of equal amounts of attention, time and effort in order to ensure that it is as successful as it possibly can be.

Targeted Mail Sending

There is no point in using the digital medium and all of the additional demographic information associated with it unless you target your emails. Customer sign up on business websites should always include basic information fields in addition to the all-important email address field. Information such as gender, age and location should all be used to great effect to target an email marketing campaign to the demographic most likely to be interested in what your campaign is advertising.

Reputable email marketing provider

Again, once an email marketing campaign has been chosen, there is no point in rushing into it without ensuring that the majority of the email marketing won’t end up in junk mail inboxes. Look for experienced, respected, white listed providers such as www.dotmailer.co.uk that can provide a successful email marketing campaign with the best chance of getting results.

Don’t trust to fate

When financial outlay is involved, you don’t want to trust to fate that a marketing campaign has achieved its objective. An increase in incoming phone calls to your organisation could be a result of your latest email marketing attempt, or it could just be co-incidence. You need to ensure that you monitor active marketing campaigns and review completed ones to ensure that you know where your marketing budget is best spent.

Measure those clicks

Email marketing can be readily reviewed by referring to accepted and successfully delivered emails into inboxes which have been opened. The inbound web-traffic to your website, social media page or wherever your campaign is designed to lead your customer base to can be easily monitored to see what links within your emails are the most successful. One of the most important stats that can be gleamed from a marketing campaign is Click to Open (CTO). Look for high CTO stats above 30% for a successful email campaign.

Review Online Sales

Your corporate website is the most likely destination for your email marketing campaign. All good email campaigns should be tailored towards increasing your overall business website traffic and ultimately leading to more sales either through e-commerce hosted on your site, or through increased interest to your business premises or on your business phone number. All of these aspects of your business can be reviewed for increased activity with the right tools such as analytics on your website.

About Justine: Justine Williams is a business writer. He specialises in business marketing and communications. He writes for various companies including a leading email marketing company www.dotmailer.co.uk

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