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Artificial Intelligence Revolution and its Impact on Autonomous Cars

Posted November 29, 2018 by Angelica Dowson to Insurance 0 0
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Artificial intelligence contributed a lot in developing level -4 and level-5 driverless cars.  AI helped the manufacturers speed up the process and improve the performance.

Why is the popularity of artificial intelligence at its peak, although John McCarthy introduced this concept in 1955? Well, artificial intelligence helps us connect devices for collecting humongous data and use it for performing some specific tasks. While discussing the autonomous vehicles, the experts know it that the drivers can drive autonomous cars if the sensors and cameras are working wonderfully well.

The most difficult task in the current digital world is the collection of humongous data. If we can connect our products and services to the devices, we can collect data from every industry through artificial intelligence. The car manufacturers use sensors and cameras for collecting information through AI. Through this system, the computers become enable to connect the essential components to the parallel computing algorithms, computer vision, and deep learning. Due to its great importance, the car experts consider AI the most important technology and recommend to learn its working for running the connected vehicles and autonomous cars.

How will we define Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence means the ability of a computer or its web, desktop, and mobile application to think and make decisions after learning the situation. It is, actually, the ability of a computer program or machine to behave like a human being. To achieve this target, the computer programmers provide a humongous data. This data helps process logically and retrieve results through ultimate thinking. Logically, it is just a tip of an iceberg because we are just in the initial stages at the moment and hopeful that AI will help us save human lives by performing numerous tasks.

How is artificial intelligence growing in the car manufacturing industry?

The automotive artificial intelligence market has been growing significantly well for many years. In 2017, its market value was around $800 million. The experts think that it will touch $11,000 million in 2025. The car manufacturers have a plan to improve the adoption rates from 2025 up to 100%, which was 9% in 2015. The experts also think that the artificial intelligence systems will become the standard solutions for the new vehicles, especially in the above-described models.
Virtual assistance, gesture recognition, natural language interfaces, speech recognition, driver monitoring, and gesture understanding are still a part of the infotainment human machine interphase. We expect the significant advancements in automotive artificial intelligence in the coming years.
Engine control units, radar-based detection units, sensor fusion, advanced driver assistance system and camera-based machine vision systems will be compulsory in autonomous vehicles. Deep learning technology will also be a part of these vehicles through which the vehicle will recognize the voice after searching from the database, recommend the tasks to the engine and perform these tasks accordingly.

What is the functionality of artificial intelligence in autonomous cars?

Learning artificial intelligence is not an easy task, but we need to have some basic information about it. For that, we should learn what we do on the roads. We stop at the red signals without thinking much about it. Our memory is always ready to make this quick decision without thinking. If we are an experienced driver, our wind works independently and prepare us for taking decisions without thinking a lot.

The future vehicles will move in the same way. The autonomous vehicles will be like human drivers. We expect that the sensors, logical thinking tools, decision-making functionalities, and memory will understand the situation and behave accordingly. The automobile industry has evolved in the same way for the last few years and now, the time of driving the fully autonomous vehicles is not far away from us.

The researchers and auto experts are expecting that the year 2020 will revolutionize the whole industry when the manufacturers will be able to connect around 250 million vehicles with each other through V2X systems. V2X system is actually a vehicle-to-everything communication system through which the telematics system and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system will be coordinated. This collaboration of the AI systems will share the internal and location status of all the vehicles around. If there would be any changes in the surroundings, this system will enable the vehicles to perform in the real time.

A comprehensive communication system along with sensors and cameras will help the autonomous vehicles generate a massive amount of data. Through this data, the artificial intelligence system will be able to perform like a human driver as it will help the autonomous vehicle think, hear, see and make decisions accordingly. This whole story tells us that the future belongs to the autonomous vehicles and human driving skills will be irrelevant.


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