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7 Steps for a College Graduate to Become an Experienced Entrepreneur

Posted March 16, 2018 by Chris Richardson to Career 0 0
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Larry Page, founder of Google. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. These billionaires have not waited for college to end. They stopped wasting time and they become focused, taking their game to the next level by becoming millionaires than billionaires.
Such impressive achievements, right? A little voice might be whispering to you “but they’re 1 in a million…what are the odds for me succeeding that way?” First off, not every entrepreneur is a billionaire, and those who are, I’m telling you that their lives are no longer “normal”.
When you have billions, your responsibility skyrockets and there will be more and more things to do. You should really assess whether this lifestyle would really suit you before setting up any significant goals.
You have all the proof you need. Becoming an entrepreneur while still studying or while just getting out of college is 100% possible. No more excuses, made up reasons, and lies. If you’re reading this post, you probably have the entrepreneurship spirit in you, but you probably lack the knowledge, expertise, and experience.
In today’s post, we’re giving you 7 powerful steps that’ll help you step up your game and advance towards an extraordinary path toward entrepreneurship success.

1. Find an Industry and a Niche

The first thing you must do is seek an industry and a niche that you’re passionate about or that you believe would be extremely profitable. Pay attention to choose an evergreen niche so that it’ll never “die”. Ideally, you should choose your niche according to your level of interest, skills, knowledge, and experience. The more you know about it the better you’ll do.

2. Carefully Research Your Niche Market

Once you find one or more niche options, you should immediately begin researching the market. Use competitor analysis tools to scout and analyze your future competitors, notice what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.By analyzing your niche before jumping in, you’ll better assess your odds of overruling the existent players.

3. Reassess Your Knowledge and Skills

Before you begin your entrepreneurship journey, you need to do an introspection and carefully reassess your current knowledge and skills. What are you best at and what are you worst at?
For example, if you’re really bad at using computers, you might encounter trouble in the future. If you have a bad temper, you need to work on it before affecting other people. If your motivation levels are low, you shouldn’t even consider starting.
Assessment and reassessment. That’s what you need to do. Tap into your self-awareness and find out who you really are now and understand what it will take to become a true entrepreneur.

4. Develop Goals and Stick to Them

You should establish long-term goals, which you should then break into small pieces. Take each of these goals one by one put all your focus into a single objective at once.
Many entrepreneurs have goals, yet not all of them are sticking to them. That’s exactly why you need to make a serious commitment and respect it no matter what happens.

5. Become a Responsible Professional

Until now, it’s only the college that might have put you in trouble. Other than that, your responsibilities are not really pressing or daunting. When you become an entrepreneur, running a company on which more people depend, you’ll need to become truly responsible.
Truly responsible people do not blame others for the things that happen to them even if it’s the other people’s fault. To be a great entrepreneur in the future, you need to start assuming responsibility for everything around you and everything that happens to you without your control.

6. Find a Mentor

Look for individuals that have already accomplished what you have accomplished. They don’t necessarily have to be people that you can meet, as nowadays, you can always connect with someone online.
Finding a mentor that’s gone through what you’re planning to go is going to be critically essential to your success. If you have a mentor, you won’t repeat his mistakes, you will lose less money, and it’ll take you less time to achieve mastery.

7. Take Action

The most important aspect that will make you a successful entrepreneur is your ability to take action.More often than not, being able to take proper action on your goals and objectives will prove that you have a lot of personal power.
Keep in mind that even possessing the best skills, knowledge, and strategies will notbring you further to your objectives unless you work consistently and take action on all your existent plans.Action is key!


Keep in mind that even though people praise the average entrepreneur’s lifestyle, they forget to acknowledge the pain, the hard work, the hustle, and the huge difficulties that each businessman goes through in life, at one point or another.When you fail (and yes, you will fail), get up fast and start again. Don’t quit, don’t complain, and don’t lose your faith in the process. Stay consistent and persistent and you’ll do just well!

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