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6 Financial Trends in Modern Startups

Posted October 23, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0
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It is an excellent time to start a business because there have never been so many opportunities available for bright new projects. If you have a startup underway, then the following 6 trends can make a huge difference in the development of your project. Take a look!


1. Investing in Analytics Pays Off

The times of analyzing endless amounts of data and getting dizzy from looking at the numbers have come to an end. In 2018, we have access to complex software that can process this data for us and give out the elements that are pret-a-porter for business.


Investing in inventory management can help any startup begin on the right foot because it will relay the constant progress it is making, as well as the potential complications coming up. This makes it an invaluable asset that any businessman wants to have up his sleeve.

2. Modern Funding

In this day and age when great ideas can turn into profitable businesses overnight, people want to be a part of the process, and, most importantly, they are willing to pay for it. So, if you already have your ground-breaking business idea, let others help you put it into practice!


You must have heard about Kickstarter or Patreon. These have led way to the development of many profitable business projects. In 2018, there are many donation pages to choose from, so build your case properly and people will chip in! You'd be surprised how much you could do with donations from the right people.

3. Mobile-First Adaptation

Nowadays, people spend more time than they ever have on their mobile phones. They use their phones more than they use their computers, tablets, or laptops, which means that your business must be mobile-friendly to survive in 2018.


In fact, mobile-based businesses have proven to be strikingly successful. But if you're looking to be a successful mobile retailer, make sure your entire inventory is set up support your development because it can prove to be overwhelming. You will have scarce competition, but you will also access an enormous customer base that is ready to give way to your profit.

4. Freelance Workforce

Working in an office is no longer a staple because the age of freelancers who value their flexible schedules and work conditions is certainly upon us. This is something you could use to your advantage because working with freelancers is certainly more accessible when starting a new company.


This could help you save money on office space, which is a large part of a startup's initial investment. It can also give you the opportunity to hire a more diverse array of employees by filling out more part-time positions.

5. Investing in Social Promotion

When it comes to a marketing campaign, social media can be a game changer. If you use it to your advantage, social media could give your startup the edge it needs to become a household name. So, be creative and engage with your customer base directly! Make your business accessible in a way that they can grasp and show them how easy it can be integrated into their day-to-day lives and they will come!


Having a relevant presence for each age group will set you apart from your competitors. It is also crucial that social media campaigns are tailor-made for each channel. Instagram campaigns still focus more on imagery than live videos, while Facebook campaigns are all about video.

6. Working with Influencers

Engage influencers will strengthen your marketing strategy because it's all about personal experience in 2018. People will trust you if somebody they admire already does, and it can do wonders. This micro-advertising technique will give way to striking revenue, so make sure you include it in your plan.


You will have to contact the influencers in your field and tell them about your product. Send them samples to give them the chance to experience your product. They are the first customers you need to convince and if you succeed to do so, they will bring their friends, and they sure have a lot of them.


As you can see, there have never been so many great tools available to build a strong business. These six trends alone can set the foundation for a strong startup that can grow exponentially to success.

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