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5 Tips on Picking the Right Dental Practice Insurance

Posted May 8, 2013 by paulcharles to Financial Advice 0 0
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Technically speaking there are only two things you need to bear in mind when considering dental practice insurance; the extent of coverage and value for money.

And if it all sounds a little too good to be true that’s because it probably is – actually establishing what represents adequate cover and acceptable value for money can be nothing short of a nightmare for some.

So to make things a little easier, here’s a quick rundown of five tips for picking the right dentists or doctors surgery insurance for the first time:

Building and Contents

First up, it’s usually a good idea to assess whether or not it’s important to cover both the contents of the surgery and the building/structure of the surgery itself. All too often business owners will cover themselves up to the eyeballs in one of these departments and leave the other dangerously lacking – if both are needed then both are needed comprehensively.

Legal Expenses

Dentists are always at risk from the odd minor accident or complaint here and there, but in the case of something more serious it’s good to know that legal expenses are covered. Even the most basic legal advice will cost a fortune and must therefore be factored into any dental practice insurance policy.

Personal Property

It’s also advisable not to forget that there are always plenty of items of personal property on the premises that can easily go missing or become damaged. These aren’t always covered as standard and therefore should be checked up on – especially if you’re looking to cover the personal property of patients too.

Flexible Contracts

Any professional in the industry might find that their needs change from time to time or that they’ve decided to head in a completely new direction – very good reasons for choosing the more flexible of insurance policies that don’t tie you in for a lifetime.

Business Interruption

Last but not least, surgeries across the UK are occasionally forced to close their doors on a temporary basis and thus lose a great deal of business in the meantime. A good dentists or doctors’ surgery insurance policy will cover almost every kind of common business interruption and thus rule out such losses.

About paulcharles: Paul Charles is a Financial Adviser for more than 40 years. He is helping doctors and individuals in terms of income protection, money management, doctor’s pensions and insurance, surgery insurance and many more.

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