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5 Ideas for a Second Job

Posted January 24, 2013 by Matt Herndon to Career 0 0
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Your day job meets your basic financial needs and fulfills your professional aspirations. It probably won’t include a pay raise any time soon, though. Like most people, you want extra income; a successful side job could provide that extra cash in the new year. The side job you choose not only supplements your paycheck, it allows you to work on your terms and even on your hobbies. Here are five ideas to jumpstart your new year and open doors for a second job.


1. Refurbish Furniture

Do you spend your free time scouting beautiful antique furniture at local flea shops? Do you research stain colors for the wood trim in your home? Refurbishing furniture may be a lucrative side job for you.

With woodworking tools, turn a corner of your garage or basement into a functional workspace. You can choose to refinish large items like chairs and tables or smaller items like photo frames and candlesticks. Buy quality antique or solid furniture at local flea markets then sell the refinished pieces at auctions, consignment stores or online for extra income.

2. Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Your home works for you when you use it to host international students. These students study at local high schools and universities. Staying in private homes allows them to study English and experience American culture.

When hosting students, you provide a room, Internet access and meals. In return, you receive a financial stipend and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of international students. If you enjoy mentoring students and learning about different cultures, this could be the right move for you.

3. Do Voice Over Work

Television movies, cartoons and ads use voice over actors. With your vocal talents, home recording devices and computer software, you can earn extra income.

You’ll find available jobs as you join professional organizations, build your portfolio and record a demo. Pitch your skill to local television or radio stations to make extra income in your free time as a voice over actor.

4. Offer In-Home Beauty Services

As a certified aesthetician or massage therapist, you could offer beauty services from your home. During private sessions in your home or during parties in your clients’ homes, offer manicures, pedicures, facials or massages. You could also teach makeup application, perform hair-coloring treatments or compete special occasion updo hairstyles.

Customers appreciate the personalized service available in a private home. It’s also more affordable and convenient for them than driving to a salon. Make money doing something you love when you offer in-home beauty services.

5. Provide Daycare Services

Families with kids often need evening and weekend daycare. If you love children, consider babysitting. Provide care before and after school, during the evening and overnight hours or on weekends. In addition to preparing meals, supervising homework completion and driving to sports events, you’ll provide a safe environment for children.

Make sure your background clearances are up to date, advertise your experience and childproof your home. Charge by the hour or per child. Grateful parents will appreciate your services as much as you appreciate the supplemental cash.

When a job promotion isn’t an option in the near future, search for supplemental income. Working a side job allows you to make your own hours, pursue a hobby you enjoy or exercise a skill you’ve cultivated.


About Matt Herndon: Matt Herndon is a father who loves spending as much time as possible with his wife and three kids. When he’s not rushing from football games to riding lessons, he’s planning his family's next vacation.

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