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4 Little Known Ways To Receive Healthcare If You’re Uninsured

Posted July 25, 2012 by Missy to Insurance 1 0
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There are approximately 49.9 million uninsured Americans in this country and many more each day that simply do not have adequate coverage through their employers. But what options are available to those who do not qualify for government care and cannot afford an individual policy through a large health organization such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.

minute clinic

There are a few good options available to you depending on where you live that offer routine and preventative care. Some of these options come in the form of local pay as you go clinics that accept drop in patients without any appointment necessary and are relatively affordable.

4 Little Known Ways To Receive Healthcare If You’re Uninsured

1. Minute Clinic (from CVS) -

Have you heard of Minute Clinics from CVS? These are wellness and preventative care clinics that accept patients on walk in basis and offer everything from routine physical examinations to various health screenings. Some of the health screenings available include diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Simply visit your local Minute Clinic branch and ask for your desired medical service.

2. Take Care Clinic (from Walgreens) -

Just like CVS, competitor Walgreens has an affordable walk in clinic in hundreds of stores throughout the US as well. These clinics are meant to bridge the gap between individuals who need routine medical care and preventative screenings at a rate they can afford. Most of these screenings go as low as $69 and they even offer low cost school physicals for students going back to school.

3. Redi Clinic (In Texas) -

In the state of Texas you will find Redi Clinic a local organization that offers a variety of low cost medical services to anyone who needs it. Let me clarify that these services are not free but low cost and many do accept insurance cards, however if you don’t have any insurance you would simply pay out of pocket for the services. The staff at Redi Clinic would advise you up front on the fees.

4. Medi Quik (In Mississippi) -

The Medi Quik clinic in Grenada, Mississippi has a similar set up as the others mentioned above and offers a pay as you go medical service anyone can benefit from. This particular clinic is only available in the state of Mississippi but is available to all residents there and with a clear indication of demand, a second branch opened up in a nearby city late last year.

If you need medical care that is not an emergency, consider going to a clinic as described above and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars versus visiting your local hospital. We know not having a traditional insurance policy is a scary position to be in, but there are new options available now for those who cannot afford private insurance on their own. Find your closest pay as you go clinic today and get that condition looked at for a carefree tomorrow.

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