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3 Things College Students Can Do To Keep Car Insurance Premiums Low

Posted August 11, 2012 by Missy to Insurance 0 0
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One of the benefits of reaching the legal age of 21 (and 18 in some states) is the right to get a licence and drive. There isn’t a college student in the US that doesn’t look forward to this right of passage. However with driving also comes the responsibility of paying for the vehicle and all the extras that come along with it such as insurance.

Since insurance can be quite the costly accessory for those under the age of 25, it’s necessary that you do all you can to get the lowest premium possible with your coverage. However there are a few things the college age crowd can do to make sure premiums do not go any higher than what they already can be for this delicate group.

College Student Driving

3 Things College Students Can Do For Lower Car Insurance Premiums

1. Maintain A Good Driving Record -

When students maintain a good driving record this will keep their premiums at the lowest they can be at their respective age. What does it mean to maintain a good driving record? It means staying within the law and not getting any moving violations which can dramatically alter insurance rates and premiums. This could be driving at the posted speed limit, stopping properly at red lights and stop signs, basically - obeying any and all local traffic signals and laws.

2. Buy Middle of the Road Vehicles -

Another reason a college age student would pay a higher premium for car insurance is the actual car they’re driving. Some makes and models of vehicles cost more to insure than others. A top of the line BMW is going to cost way more to insure than your average middle of the road Toyota Camry. So if your budget is tight, and you don’t want to pay through the nose for insurance, your best bet is to stick to the less popular makes and models of vehicles. This will keep your premiums at an affordable rate and or keep you within your allotted budget.

3. Maintain Their Vehicles -

A well maintained vehicle is a well insured vehicle as well. Proper maintenance and repairs equal less possible accidents down the road. For example, if you don’t maintain the tires on your vehicle, this could potentially lead to a blow out while on the road. Not only is this extremely dangerous but could also turn out to be quite costly if injured parties are involved. So it pays to keep your vehicle well maintained at all times and when damage of any sort arises, to properly repair it.

What have you done to keep costs down for your college age son or daughter? Tell us in the comment area. Or what do you plan to do.

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