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10 Tips to Manage Your Finances Effectively

Posted July 23, 2012 by joliefulton to Finance 1 0
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Many people around the world struggle hard to save a substantial amount of money but in spite of their efforts they are unable to make it. If you have tried saving some cash especially if you are a low income earner, it is very hard but with some few tips, you can save a good amount by the end of the year. However, it takes a lot of commitment and discipline to save money. The following are ten tips you can try to make your money saving goals realistic.


Tip # 1

You should look at the amount that you have allocated for your household. When you consider the budget of every month at your home, it is possible that you will find some unnecessary expenses. If you cut them, you can save some more money. If you are a spendthrift, you have to cut on the unnecessary shopping and keep aside the amount as savings.

Tip # 2

You can take advantage of free goods or low offers in the market. During your shopping deals, you can always go for the cheapest in the market. The extra amount that you would have used to buy the more expensive things can be saved and this is one way of building your savings.

Tip # 3

You can cut on phone calls as your phone takes much credit daily. One way of cutting the cost of making calls is by encouraging your friends to use the internet for communication. For instance, you can invite them to have Skype accounts for communication. This way, you can use to save the amount that you would use to buy credit.

Tip # 4

Alternatively, if you are an international caller, you can register with cheap providers and save the extra amount. Phone calls can save huge cash if you accumulate the cash for a long time.

Tip # 5

You can go shopping for your car fuel and identify a place where you can fuel for a lower amount than where you are fueling today. Although the difference may seem negligible, you can save a lot of money when you shop for a long period.

Tip # 6

Another workable way is by reducing your energy consumption. For instance, you can switch off the TV, use energy saving bulbs among other ways. You can save a good amount of money and by the end of the have some good cash.

Tip # 7

If you can make it to skip one meal per day, you can also save some money. It will also help you manage your weight if you are trying to lose weight.

Tip # 8

Eighth tip-you can also change your insurance company by getting a cheaper offer for your premiums. This may be hard but if you are successful, you can save a lot of money on the premiums.

Tip # 9

Instead of buying expensive lunch from the hotel, you can just make your own food and then save the extra money.

Tip # 10

If you are a smoker or a drunkard, you should consider changing or reducing the amount of beer that you are taking. You will save a lot if you cut on the expenses.

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