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Top Ten Best Stocks to Invest In 2020

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Choosing the best stocks in which you want to invest solely depends on your financial position. To get a good idea about the stock exchange, trading and investing, go to InvestoTrend. There are many stocks in which the investors should invest; some of those are Apple, Microsoft, Nike, etc. 

What is a stock trader?

A stock tradesman is also called a share trader, or equity trader is a company or person that is involved in negotiating assets securities. Stock traders or stock traders can be an agent, a hedger or a speculator or stockbroker. Stock trading refers to the buying and selling of shares of a particular company. If you've owned a stock that means you own a part/piece of the company.

There are four types of stocks that every investor should know-

    Defensive stocks

    Growth stocks- shares that you buy for capital growth and not for dividends.

    Yield stocks

    New issues

What are the Top Ten Stocks to Invest in 2020?

Best stocks are the ones that represent good business. A good business will always help in generating high free cash flows, which gradually leads to high intrinsic value. Here are the top ten stocks in which you can spend in 2020.

1.    Apple- Who doesn’t know Apple? Its iPads, iPhones and Macs are one of the most popular devices around the world; especially in the U.S.A. Strong demand for apple’s 5g iPhone with its new project will enhance the company in 2020. The value of total stocks of apple is more than $1.3 trillion. Apple offers something that every stock doe not; a dividend, as a shareholder, every quarter.

2.    Walmart- This company is the killer of all the industries, especially the retail industry. Walmart has been transforming. The company bought jet.com in 2016. Moreover, in the same year, it took a large stake in the two online retailers in Jd.com and China. It has been aggressively investing online.

3.    Chipotle- It is a well-known business. It is a Mexican-themed restaurant that grows its revenues by opening new stores and serving more customers. One thing that is great about the business is that you can visit its stores and have a sample of its food. You can also try its new app. Chipotle has a goal of doubling its U.S store count to 5,000 locations. Hence, this makes it a fast-growing restaurant stock.

4.    Netflix- It is becoming more popular each day, especially in the U.S. Netflix is available in more than 190 countries. It has over 158 million paid subscribers. It is easy to track Netflix’s progress in the stock market. 

5.    Planet Fitness- At the time of New Year, millions of people buy gym memberships, and the majority of them go to Planet Fitness. It provides pocket-friendly membership plans and a judgment-free environment as well. It provides non-intimidating exercise to experience the people. The family of planet fitness has around 14 million people that are determined to stay fit and healthy. Planet fitness plans start from $10 per month. It believes in delivering strong returns to its investors. 

6.    Grocery Outlet- It offers a great discount to its people in the selection of goods. Due to their hefty discounts, people get attracted to grocery outlets. This technique helps the company to come out strong and engage more investors into it. Though, the grocery outlet is still into its growth cycle. The expansion plan of the grocery outlet will certainly increase its sales and profits, and hence the number of people investing in its stock due to increased opportunities.

7.    Facebook- It is still one of the most popular social websites that dominate the market. It has over 2.5 billion users. Facebook has been marked as the U.S news' best stocks to buy list, for the fourth consecutive year.  It is a great business at a fairly good price paying 31 times earning makes the long-term investors engaged. The market capital of Facebook is around $568 billion.

8.    Newmont Goldcorp Corporation - If you like hunting for homers, NEM is not for you. But this copper, gold and silver miner still comes in the list of best stocks to invest in 2020. It has over 65 million ounces of gold reserves. It pays a 1.5% dividend to its shareholders. It has a market worth of around $ 32 billion.

9.    Nexstar Media Group- It is America's largest local TV and media company. It has around 197 stations in 115 markets that cover 63% of America's television household. It is one of the best stocks to invest in 2020 to get huge profits. It pays a 1.7% dividend to its shareholders. It charges satellite and cable companies for the right to carry Nexstar's signals. The market capital of Nexstar Media Group (NXST) is $4.8 billion.

10.    Alibaba Group Holding- It is China's e-commerce giant who is huge & too profitable. A stock of Alibaba provides a great mixture of security and growth that many companies fail to provide this; this advantage keeps the long-term engaged in their stocks for great opportunities. Like Amazon. Com, Alibaba dominates the market of e-commerce. The market capital of Alibaba Group Holding (BABA) is around $522 billion.


The best way to do stock trading is to start with the best stocks, which are easy to understand and are less risky. It makes it easy for you to track your progress of the companies in which you've invested as it tells you about the upcoming opportunities related to it. To invest properly and earn high returns, it is very important to have proper knowledge and time. Everything requires time; you cannot get rich overnight. 

You must have proper knowledge regarding the type of investment and the company in which you want to invest. You need to keep track of the progress of your investment to understand future opportunities. The stocks mentioned above are the best stocks in which the investor should invest in 2020 to get high profits.

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